What is Selenium web driver


What is selenium web driver

Selenium web driver is one of the most important keywords. In the selenium, service release started. The present industry automation which can be delivered by the open source community.
we have to know what is selenium web driver. It has more advanced features. It may be explained as the practical replace of the selenium RC. Selenium can operate the different languages also. It supports that the many web browsers and HTML units. Selenium is easy to operate. Who are easy to browse in different ways, platforms, and programming languages. This has not needed the server. It meets or communicating with a browser. It might complete the testing compared with the selenium RC.

Introduction to selenium web driver

In historical days the testing conducted. But nowadays it was done by the technology. The technology is updating by the software development. Now so many industries are using software technology. Then the testing conducted by the technical method. During this time manual testing will be insufficient and ineffective.
Nowadays in this heavy competition. Introduction to Selenium web driver become more popular in automation tools. Within a short time, it becomes a competitor to every technology. It is an automation tool. It contains more components. And selenium web driver is one of the most and latest component.

Limitations of Selenium Web driver

- Selenium web driver can work at an operating system level. But it may meet or communicate with the direct browser, not to the server.
- If it will communicate with the different operating systems. By the different browser are activate.this will be different.
- The new browser is introduced then the selenium team can take more time to build the steps.
- So, the selenium web driver has not been working with a new browser. It takes some time to launch the operating system.

Comparing Selenium web driver with the Selenium RC

Before selenium web driver the version is selenium RC(Remote control). It used for only execute or drop the tests. Selenium web driver is same as the selenium RC. It is same on supports the different web browsers for operating systems. I am using many programming languages.but also they are having several differences. They are
- Selenium web driver is easy to learn than the selenium RC. Selenium web driver is more friendly nature than the selenium RC. It is very simpler in work than the RC.
- Selenium web driver communicates with the browser, not to the server. But selenium RC communicate with the server. Selenium web driver makes the tester easier and faster than the Selenium RC.
- Selenium web driver elements are more realistic than the selenium RC. this page is easy to understand the test. The results also become more efficient.
- HTML browser supported to the selenium web driver not to the selenium RC.