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SELENIUM training in Kukatpally/KPHB, Hyderabad covers topics from beginner level to advanced level with lots of examples.

Kosmik Technologies is one of the best SELENIUM Training Institutes in KPHB, Hyderabad. Here the trainers are highly qualified working one of the MNCs. The Selenium Training class consists of more practical sessions.

what is selenium?

Selenium is an open source (free) automated testing tool or framework which is used to validate web applications across different browsers, multiple platforms and multiple programming languages. Selenium provides you singleinterface which lets you write test scripts in most of the programming languages like JAVA, PHP, PERL, RUBY, PYTHON, C#, NodeJS etc.

Selenium Training in hyderabad with real-time projects with industry Experts!

Selenium is one of the most widely used open source Web UI automation testing suite. Selenium was originallydeveloped by Jason Huggins in 2004 as an internal tool for Thought Works. Selenium can be easily deployed on platforms such as Windows, Linux, Solaris and Macintosh. Moreover, selenium supports Operating System for mobile applications like iOS, windows mobile and android.

Who should take this course

Any graduate or post graduate from any background can learn Selenium but before learning the concepts of Selenium, one should have a basic understanding of java or any other object-oriented programming language and some testing concepts.

Why Kosmik Technologies for Selenium Training In Hyderabad, Kukatpally/KPHB

Kosmik is the best Software Training Institute in KPHB, Hyderabad is probably one of the best Selenium Training Institutes In Hyderabad. As the trainers are highly qualified with 12+ years of real-time expirience. This Selenium Training sessions consists of more Practical Sessions rather than theory.

Selenium Training Institute in KPHB Kukatpally Hyderabad

Kosmik Technologies is the best Selenium Training Institute in kphb, Kukatpally, Hyderabad. We are providing Real time & Job oriented Training with 100% Placement Assistance.

Highlights of Selenium Training in KPHB, Kukatpally @KosmikTechnologies

          • 30% concept sessions & 70% demonstration
          • Case Studies & Workshops
          • Interview FAQ’s & Resume guidance
          • Resume Preparation
          • 100% Placement Assistance
          • Real-world examples / Real-Time projects

Advantages of Using Selenium for Automated Testing Training in KPHB, Kukatpally, Hyderabad

          • Language and Framework Support
          • Open Source Availability
          • Multi-Browser Support
          • Support Across Various Operating Systems
          • Ease Of Implementation
          • Reusability and Integrations
          • Flexibility
          • Parallel Test Execution and Faster Go-to-Market
          • Less Hardware Usage
          • Easy to Learn and Use
          • Constant Updates


Selenium with Java Course Overview

This course is designed using Selenium for test automation covering framework design with real-time Industry oriented exercises and at the end of the course with project work. Core Java basics are also covered as part of the course.

Course Objective

After completion of the course, one will be able to automate any web-based application.

Basics of Java

·       Handle Data types In Java

·       Handle String Class In Java

·       Handle if, if else and nested if else and switch In Java

·       Handle break, continue, return statements in Java

·       Handle for-loop In Java

·       Handle while, do-while loops In Java

·       Handle One and two-dimensional arrays In Java

·       Access Modifiers In Java

·       What is a Method

·       Why we are using the Method

·       Return the Type Of Method In Java

·       Handle Static, Non-Static Methods, Variables, and Variable Types In Java

·       What is a Class and Object In Java

·       Constructor In Java

·       Inheritance In Java

·       Interface In Java

·       List In Java

·       Array List In Java

·       Hash table In Java

·       Hash Map In Java

·       Read-Write xls, xlsx File using Poi In Java

·       Exception handling, try-catch-finally, throw and throws In Java

·       Useful Eclipse Shortcuts To Use With Selenium WebDriver Automation

Advanced Java OOP Concepts

·       Encapsulation In Java

·       Polymorphism In Java

·       What Is An Abstract Class In Java?

·       What Is Method Overloading and Method Overriding In Java?

·       Similarities And Difference Between Abstract Class And Interface

·       Usage of the "final" Keyword In Java

·       What Is the Use Of the "Super" and “this” Keywords In Java?

  •     What Is the Use Of the super() and this() In Java?


Kosmik Provides Selenium training in Hyderabad. We are providing lab facilities with complete real-time training. Training is based on complete advance concepts. So that you can get easily


About Eclipse

·       Installing Eclipse

·       Creating Simple Project in eclipse

·       Eclipse and Selenium together

·       Importing and Exporting

·       Debugging using Eclipse

·       Exploring Eclipse – Basic

·       Exploring Eclipse – Advanced

Introduction to Automation

·       Introduction to automated testing

·       Advantages of Automation Testing

·       How to learn any Automation tool

·       Types of Automation tools

 Introduction to Selenium

·       Overview of Selenium WebDriver

·       Importance of Selenium in software testing

·       History of Selenium

·       Features of selenium

·       Selenium IDE and Selenium Grid

·       Difference between Selenium and QTP

Selenium Components

·       Selenium IDE

·       Selenium RC

·        Selenium Grid

·        Selenium 2.0 - WebDriver

·        Selenium 3.0 – WebDriver

·        Selenium 4.0 – WebDriver

Getting Started with Selenium WebDriver

·       Setting Up Selenium Environment

·       Installing Java Development Kit (JDK)

·       Setting up Eclipse IDE or IntelliJ IDEA

·       Configuring Selenium WebDriver with a chosen browser (e.g., Chrome Driver)

Selenium WebDriver

·       Introduction of Selenium WebDriver

·       Download and install Selenium WebDriver with Eclipse

·       Creating And Running the First Selenium Script In Firefox

·       Running Selenium Test In Google Chrome Browser

·       Running Selenium Test In Internet Explorer Browser

·       What is the difference between Selenium Ide, Selenium RC, and Selenium WebDriver?

Element Object Identification   In WebDriver

·       Locating Elements By ID For Selenium

·       Locating Element By Class Name

·       Locating Element By Tag Name

·       Locating Element By Name

·       Locating Element By Link Text Or Partial Link Text

·       Locating Element By CSS selector

·       Locating Element By XPath

XPath in Selenium

·       What is XPath

·       Syntax for XPath

Xpath Types :

·       Absolute XPath

·       Relative Xpath

·       Diff B/W Absolute XPath and Relative Xpath

·       Create Customized Xpath in Selenium

·       Difference between single ‘/’ or double ‘//’

·       Handle Complex & Dynamic elements Using XPath in Selenium:    

·       Basic XPath

·       Contains()

·       Using OR & AND

·       text()

·       starts-with

·       ends-with

·       last()

·       Position()

·       parent::

·       ancestor::

·       following-sibling::

·       preceding-sibling::

WebDriver Basic Browser Commands List With Example

·       Typing Text Into the Text box

·       Capturing Entire Page Screenshot When Test Case Failure

·       Get Title

·       Get Text

·       Get Current URL

·       Get Page Source

·       Close

·       Quit

·       Maximize a browser

·       Minimize a browser

 Browser Navigation Commands

·       Get Command

·       Navigate To Command

·       Forward Command

·       Back Command

·       Refresh Command

Basic WebElement Commands

·       What is Web Element?

·       WebElement Syntax

·       Clear Command

·       SendKeys Command

·       Click Command

·       isDisplayed Command

·       isEnabled Command

·       isSelected Command

·       Submit Command

·       GetText Command

·       getTagName Command

·       getAttribute Command

·       getCssValue Command

·       getSize Command

·       getLocation Command

Find Element / Elements with an example

·       findElement()

·       findElements()

·       Diff B/W findElement() and findElements()

Verify Element

·       Verify Element Present or Not

·       Verify Element Exist or Not

·       Verify whether the Element Visible or Not

·       Verify Element Enable or Not

·       Verify Element Disable or Not


·       Single Checkbox

·       Single radio button

·       Multiple Checkboxes

·       Multiple radio buttons

Handle Popups

·       Handling expected WebBased alert Popup/Javascript Alert Popup

·       Handle Unexpected Alerts

·       Handling modal popup window.

·       Handling multiple windows.

Handle Dropdown Or Listbox

·       SelectByIndex()

·       SelectByVisibleText()

·       SelectByValue()

·       deselectByIndex()

·       deselectByVisibleText()

·       deselectByValue()


Kosmik Provides Selenium training in Hyderabad. We are providing lab facilities with complete real-time training. Training is based on complete advance concepts. So that you can get easily


Action Class

·       Mouse Hover Event

·       Keyboard Event Handling

          - Ways To Handle Keyboard Keys:

o   Handle Keyboard Keys using the Action class.

o   Handle Keyboard Keys using the send-keys chord.

o   Handle Keyboard keys using Robot class.

·       Handling DragAndDrop

·       Handling DoubleClick

·       Handling RightClick

·       How to use the tab button in Selenium WebDriver?

·       Chord()

·       How to Handle multiple actions at a time in Selenium WebDriver


·       Multiple Ways to Handle File Upload/Download with Selenium Webdriver.

o   By Using SendKeys()

o   By Using AutoIt

·       Introduction to AutoIT tool

·       Why we are using AutoIT in Selenium?

·       How to write a script in AutoIT?

·       Upload/Download File in Selenium Webdriver using Autoit

·       How to Handle Authentication Required Windows popup using AutoIT?

Working with Robot Class to handle Windows popup

·       What is meant by Robot class

·       Why Robot class in Web driver

·       Usage of Robot class in Web Driver

·       Handling Windows popup using Robot class in Web Driver

Scroll WebPage in Selenium

·       Multiple Ways to Scroll Down and Scroll Up page:

o   Scroll Down and Scroll Up page using JavascriptExecutor.

o   Scroll Down and Scroll Up the page using Robot Class.

o   Scroll Down and Scroll Up page Using Actions Class.

Waits for Commands

·       Implicit Wait

·       Explicit Wait   

·       Static Wait

·       Handling synchronization issues

Handle WebTable

·       What Is a Web Table?

·       Types Of Web Tables :

o   Static table

o   Dynamic table 

Handle Frames

·       How to handle single Frame

·       Handle multiple Frames

·       Handle  Nested frames(frame inside another frame) using selenium ?


Kosmik Provides Selenium training in Hyderabad. We are providing lab facilities with complete real-time training. Training is based on complete advance concepts. So that you can get easily


JavaScript Executer in Selenium WebDriver

·       What is JavaScript Executor in Selenium?

·       Why Should we go for  JavaScript in Selenium

·       How to work with JavaScript Executor using selenium web driver?

·       Advantage of JavaScript executor in Selenium

·       When we have to use JavaScript Executer in Selenium

Advanced Stuff

·       How to read properties files in Selenium (java)?

·       Extracting All Links From Page

·       What is the difference between click and submit methods in Selenium?

·       What are Common Exceptions you faced in your project

·       CSS Selectors for Selenium – Different ways to find customized CSS path

·       XPath or CSS Selector? Which is better?

·       Handling Ajax Auto Suggest Drop List

TestNG Framework Integration

·       Introduction Of TestNG

·       Why TestNG

·       Install TestNG Into Eclipse

·       Verify whether TestNG Successfully Install or Not

·       Similarities and Differences Between TestNG and JUnit

·       Create And Run the First TestNG-WebDriver Test

·       TestNg annotations with examples

·       Creating And Running WebDriver Test Suit Using testng.xml File

·       Creating Single Or Multiple Tests For Multiple Classes

·       Creating Test Suite Using Class From Different Packages

·       Creating a Test Suite Using Selected Or All Packages

·       testng.xml - Include/Exclude Selenium WebDriver Test Package

·       testng.xml - Skip Test Intentionally Using SkipException()

·       Why we are using the testng.xml file

·       Where we can create a testng.xml file

·       How to create the testng.xml file

·       How to run the testng.xml file

·       Can we run Multiple test Cases in a single Class

·       Setting priority of execution for test cases

·       Executing group of Regression/Sanity/Smoke test cases using TestNG

·       dependsOnMethods Testing In Selenium

·       Parametarized Testing In Selenium

·       Parallel test execution In multiple browsers using @Parameters annotation

·       How to pass parameters from TestNG XML?

·       What are the different testng annotations in selenium?

·       What is Preserver Order in the Testng framework?

·       What are the Hard Assert vs Soft Assert in the TestNG framework?

 Advanced TestNG concepts

·       TestNG Execution Report

·       TestNG Results output folder walkthrough

·       Emailing TestNG reports for your Test Lead, Project Manager, and Onsite team in Selenium

Apache POI 

·       Apache POI Introduction

·       Setup Apache POI in Eclipse IDE

·       How to read an Excel 2003 (.xls) file using Apache POI

·       How to read an Excel 2007 (.xlsx) file using Apache POI

·       How to write the data into  Excel files using Apache POI

Log4j in WebDriver

·       Log4j Introduction

·       Usage of Logger in Automation Testing

·       Download Log4j

·       Add Log4j Jars

·       Test Case with Log4j Logging

·       Integrate Log4j in Selenium

·       Loggers

·       Appenders

·       How to Integrate Log4j in Framework

Maven for Selenium & TestNG Integration

·       What is Maven

·       Install Maven In Eclipse

·       Verify Maven Successfully Install or Not

·       Diff B/W JavaProject and MavenProject

·       What is pom.xml file

·       Using the pom.xml file

·       Setting up the Maven project in Eclipse editor

·       Use of Maven project

·       Building and running the Selenium Maven project

·       Updating the selenium project dependencies by using Maven

·       TestNG Maven Configuration

·       Executing TestNG from Maven

 ANT - XSLT report generation using TestNG and Ant

·       What is XSLT Reports

·       Why Need Ant-XSLT Reports

·       Download and install XSLT jar files

·       Build.xml configuration

·       Run TestNG Tests with Ant

·       XSLT report generation using TestNG and Ant

·       Understanding TestNG Results and Ant Results


·       Introduction to Jenkin

·       Prerequisites for Jenkin

·       What is the Use of Jenkins in Selenium

·       How To Download And Install Jenkins

·       How to verify Whether the Jenkins is installed successfully or not.

·       How to Run XML file from the command prompt

·       How to create a batch file

·       How to Run the batch file

·       How to run XML files from a batch file

·       How to Run batch files from Jenkin

·       Create Jenkins Project

·       How to Generate TestNG Reports Using Jenkins.

        -We need to have the following.

o   Creating TestNG Project.

o   Installing Jenkins

o   Installing TestNG Reports Plugin In Jenkins

·       How To Execute Maven Project Using Jenkins :

        -We need to have the following.

o   Maven – Check this  Installation of Maven.

o   Maven Project – Check this  Creating Maven Project.

o   Jenkins – Check this  Installation of Jenkins.

·       Schedule your build in Jenkins for periodic execution

·       How to View TestNG results

·       How to Email Test Reports for your Test Lead

 Introduction to Version Control:

·       Setting Up Git

·       Git Workflow

Automation Framework

·       What is Framework

·       Types of Frameworks

Data-Driven Testing

·       Using external data sources (e.g., Excel) in tests

      Page Object Model (POM)

·       Principles of POM

·       Implementing POM in Selenium tests

     Hybrid Framework

     Behavior-Driven Development (BDD) with Cucumber

·       Use of Framework

·       How to develop the framework from scratch

·       Integration of the framework

·       How to execute the scripts from the framework

Selenium Beyond Basics

·       Introduction to Selenium 4 Features (if applicable)

·       New features and improvements

Selenium Best Practices and Tips

  • Best Practices for Writing Maintainable Tests

·       Naming conventions

·       Code organization

·       Error handling and reporting

  • Debugging and Troubleshooting

·       Identifying and fixing common issues (e.g., stale element reference)

·       Logging and debugging techniques

Practical Projects:

ü  Developing a Selenium Automation Project

ü  Building a complete test suite from scratch

Domains Practice:

ü  Healthcare Application

ü  Human Resource Application

ü  E-commerce Application

Conclusion and Next Steps

*    Daily Tasks

*    Weekly Tests

*    Mock Interviews

*    Practice

*    Doubts sessions

*    Selenium and Java soft copy material

*    Selenium and Java Interview FAQs & Resume Guidance

*    Resume Preparation

*    100% Placement Assistance

*    Real-world examples / Real-Time projects

After the completion of the Course, you should be able to

ü  You will be a master in Selenium Automation

ü  Get a clear understanding of the Selenium Tool.

ü  Should be able to create any framework from scratch level.

ü  Get hands-on experience in Automation Test implementation on Real-time Projects.

ü  Should be in a position to automate any web application using the Selenium tool.

Who can join this course?

ü  This course is designed for students and professionals who want to pursue a career in Automation Testing.

ü  Any graduate / Post graduate.

ü  Any Professional working on Manual Testing wants to upgrade automation tools.

  • Any Professional working on QTP/RFT wants to upgrade Selenium



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