Dot Net training in Hyderabad,KUKATPALLY,KPHB


Dot net training in Kukatpally/KPHB, Hyderabad covers topics from beginner level to advanced level with lots of examples.

Kosmik Technologies is one of the best Dot net Training Institutes in KPHB, Hyderabad. Here the trainers are highly qualified working one of the MNCs. The Dot netTraining class consists of more practical sessions.

Kosmik Provides Software Training with Real-time project with Real-time Experts!


 Dot Net is a software technology, which was introduced by MICROSOFT in the year 2002. Dot Net is a Framework technology, that means which is integrated with multiple technologies like windows, web, web services, etc. The main reason, why dot net called to be framework technology is “Using single Dot Net technology a programmer can develop multiple types of applications like below

    • console applications
    • Windows applications
    • Web applications
    • Web services


Why Kosmik Technologies for Dot net Training In Hyderabad, Kukatpally/KPHB

Kosmik is the best Software Training Institute in KPHB, Hyderabad is probably one of the best Dot net Training Institutes In Hyderabad. As the trainers are highly qualified with 9+ years of real-time expirience. This Dot net Training sessions consists of more Practical Sessions rather than theory.


          1.     BASICS

·         Introduction to .NET

·         Types of applications

·         Real time requirements

·        .Net framework

·         CLR, CLS, CTS, CAS

·         Keywords, operators

·        Basic programming

·        .Net core

          2.     OOPS Concept

·         Encapsulation, inheritance, polymorphism

·         Access specifiers

·         Overloading, overriding, shadowing

·         Programming on OOPS

·         Abstract class, sealed class, static class


Dot Net Training


            3.     Properties

·         Get, set accessors

·         features

·         usage

            4.     interfaces

·         introduction

·         multiple inheritance

           5.     Delegate

·         Introduction

·         Multicasting

·         Uses

·         Anonymous types

             6.     Generics

·         Introduction

·         advantages

·         Types of generics


Dot Net Training


               7.     IMPORTANT CONCEPTS

·         Nullable types and Nullable Coalescing Operator

·         Partial class

·         Covariance and Contravariance

·         Dynamic features to applications using DLR

·         Leveraging WinRT and Windows 8 store apps

·         Inferred types

·         Named and Optional arguments


               8.     IO STREAMS

·         Stream classes

·         Working with files

               9.     WINDOWS PROGRAMMING

·         Controls

·         Container controls

·         MDI

·         Creating editor


              10. EXCEPTION HANDLING

·         Exception

·         Types of exceptions

·         Exception handling

·         try, throw, catch, finally

·         Custom exception handling

                11.    ADO.NET

·         Evolution

·         Managed providers

·         Namespaces and classes used

· architecture

·         Programming with

              12.   ASSEMBLIES

·         Assembly and types

·         GAC, strong name

·         Sn.exe, gacutil.exe, ildasm.exe


Dot Net Training




·         Html, JavaScript

·         CSS, jQuery

·         Usage of jQuery in creating more responsive web pages

· core

               2.     WEB SERVER

·         What’s a web server

·         Services of IIS

·         Port number, virtual directory

               3.     WEB SERVER CONTROLS

·         Introduction to ASP.NET

· architecture

·         Web server controls and types of controls

·         Programming using standard controls, validation controls

·         Using dynamic data controls in pages

·         Master pages

                4.     ADO.NET

·         Data controls

·         Managed providers

·         Dataset and DataReader

·         LINQ in ADO.NET

·         Entity framework

·         Dynamic data entities

·         QueryExtender and Chart

·         XML

                 5.     STATE EMANAGEMENT

·         Cookie, session, application

·         Session state modes

                  6.     CACHING

·         Caching and types

·         Advantage of hing

                  7.     SECURITY

·         Configuration files

·         Authentication, authorization, Impersonation

·         Membership concept


                 8.     WEB SERVICES

·         Services

·         Distributed applications

·         Application architecture

·         WebMethods

·         WSDL,SOAP, UDDI


Dot Net Training


                 9.     AJAX

·         Introduction

·         Server side controls

·         Client side controls

·         Creating rich, interactive web pages using AJAX




               1.      T-SQL elements

               2.      Databases

               3.      Tables

·         Various operations

·         Grouped functions

·         Group by, having clauses

               4.      Joins

·         What is a join?

·         Types of joins

               5.      Data Integrity

·         Categories

               6.      Constraints

·         Types of constraints


Dot Net Training



·         Why a view?

·         Types of views

                  8.      Stored procedures

·         Types of stored procedures

·         Advantage of a stored procedure

                   9.      Triggers

·         Types of triggers

·         Difference between trigger and stored procedure

                     10.  Functions

·         Types functions

·         Types of user defined functions

·         Difference between a function and stored procedure

                      11.  Indexes

·         Types of indexes

·         advantages

                      12.  Sub queries

                        13.  Cursors

                        ·         Types of cursors

·         Advantages of cursors



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