Java training in Kukatpally/KPHB, Hyderabad covers topics from beginner level to advanced level with lots of examples.

Kosmik Technologies is one of the best Java Training Institutes in KPHB, Hyderabad. Here the trainers are highly qualified working in one of the MNCs. The JAVA Training class consists of more practical sessions.


Java course at Kosmik Technologies Hyderabad offers in-depth training on Java programming language, covering core Java, J2EE, Spring, Hibernate, and real-time projects, preparing you for industry-level jobs.

Why Kosmik Technologies for JAVA Training In Hyderabad, Kukatpally/KPHB

 Kosmik is the best Software Training Institute in KPHB, Hyderabad is probably one of the best JAVA Training Institutes In Hyderabad. As the trainers are highly qualified with 10+ years of real-time experience. This JAVA Training session consists of more Practical Sessions rather than theory.



Core Java programming is mostly an Object-Oriented Language. It is a high-level programming language developed by  James Gosling at Sub Microsystems. Java came into existence in the year 1995. it runs on various OS platforms like Windows, Mac, and UNIX.


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Java Course Content


    • Java Identifiers, Data types
    • How to define our data type in java(enum)
    • Enum with Customized Value
    • StringBufferappendCodePoint() Method
    • Variables, Scope of variables, final variables
    • Bounded Type Parameters
    • Loops in Java(Practice), For-each loop, while do-while
    • Decision Making(if, if-else, switch, break, continue, jump)(Practice)
    • Switch Statement in Java(Practice)
    • String in Switch Case in Java
    • Forward declarations
    • Widening Primitive Conversion 
    • Type conversion in Java
    • Comments in Java
    •   Does Java support goto?
    • Interesting facts about null in Java
    • Using _ (underscore) as a variable name
    • Currying Functions in Java with Examples
    • Using underscore in Numeric Literals
    • Binary search in Java
    • Sorting in Java


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OOP concepts


·  Classes and Objects

·   Java object storage

·   Different ways to create objects in Java

·    How to swap or exchange objects

·    Inheritance, Encapsulation, Abstraction &Polymorpism

·   Association, Composition, and Aggregation

·    Access and Non-Access Modifiers in Java

·    Access Modifiers

·   this & super

·    Method Overloading

·   Output of Java program | Set 22 (Overloading)

·   Method Overriding

·    Output of Java program | Set 18 (Overriding)

·    Understanding “static” in “public static void main” in Java

·   Overloading or Overriding static methods

·    Shadowing of static methods(Also called Method Hiding)

·   Static methods vs Instance methods in Java

·   Assigning values to static final variables in Java

·   Covariant return types

·   Object class

·    Static class in Java

·    Flexible nature of java. lang.Object

·    Overriding equals method of Object class

·   Overriding toString() method of Object class

·    Instance Variable Hiding 

·    Static blocks in Java

·    initializer block in java

·    instance initializer block in java(non-static block)

·   Static vs Dynamic Binding

·    Why Java is not a purely Object-Oriented Language?

·    Understanding Classes and Objects in Java




• All Operators

• Bitwise operators in Java

• new operator

• Bitwise right-shift operators

• Java instanceof operator and its applications

• Autoboxed Integer objects

• Addition and Concatenation

• Numeric Promotion in Conditional Expression


Strings in Java


• String Class(Practice)

• StringBuffer Class

• StringBuilder Class

• StringTokenizer class – Set 1, Set 2

• Implementations:

• Initialize and Compare Strings 

• String vs StringBuilder vs StringBuffer

• When to use StringJoiner over StringBuilder?

• Integer to String Conversions

• String to Integer– parseInt()

• Swap two Strings without using the third variable 

• Searching characters and substring in a String

• Compare two Strings in Java

• Reverse a string in Java (5 Different Ways)

• Remove Leading Zeros From String in Java

• Trim (Remove leading and trailing spaces) a string

• Counting the number of lines, words, characters, and paragraphs in a text file using Java

• Check if a string contains only alphabets in Java using Lambda expression

• Remove elements from a List that satisfy a given predicate in Java

• Check if a string contains only alphabets in Java using ASCII values

• Check if a string contains only alphabets in Java using Regex



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Arrays in Java


  •         Arrays in Java(Practice), Default Array values
  •         Util Arrays Class (Contains utility functions for Arrays)
  •         Reflect Array class in Java
  •         util.Arrays vs reflect.Array in Java
  •         Final arrays
  •         Interesting facts about Array assignment in Java
  •         Array IndexOutofbounds Exception
  •       Array vs ArrayList in Java



    •     Compare two arrays 
    •         ArrayList to Array Conversion 
    •         Merge arrays into a new object array in Java



    •         Constructors in Java
    •         Default constructor
    •         Assigning values to static final variables
    •         Constructor Chaining
    •         Private Constructors and Singleton Classes
    •         Java Interview Questions on Constructors
    •         Singleton Class
    •         Constructor Overloading

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Exception Handling


    •       Exceptions
    •       OutOfMemoryError Exception
    •       3 Different ways to print Exception messages in Java
    •       flow control in try-catch-finally
    •       Types of Exceptions
    •       Catching base and derived classes as exceptions
    •       Checked vs Unchecked Exceptions
    •       Throw and Throws
    •       User-defined Custom Exception
    •       Infinity or Exception?
    •       Multicatch
    •       Chained Exceptions
    •       Null Pointer Exception
    •       Output of Java program | Set 12(Exception Handling)


Interfaces and Abstract Classes


    •         Interfaces
    •         Access specifier for methods in interfaces
    •         Access specifiers for classes or interfaces
    •         Abstract Classes
    •         Difference between Abstract Class and Interface in Java
    •         Comparator Interface
    •         Java Interface methods
    •         Nested Interface
    •         Nested Classes in Java
    •         Inner class in java
    •         Local Inner Class in Java
    •         Anonymous Inner Class in Java
    •         Functional Interfaces
    •         What is a Marker interface
    •         Questions on Abstract Classes and Interfaces
    •         Output of Java program | Set 15 (Inner Classes)
    •         Static method in Interface in Java


Java.Lang Package


    •         Character.Unicode block Class in Java
    •         Class Class in Java Set 1, Set 2
    •         Compiler Class in Java
    •         Enum Class in Java
    •         InheritableThreadLocal Class in Java
    •         Math Class in Java Set 1, Set 2
    •         Object Class in Java
    •         Package Class in Java
    •         Process Class in Java
    •         ProcessBuilder Class in Java
    •         Runtime Class in Java
    •         StackTraceElement Class in Java
    •         StrictMath Class in Java Set 1, Set 2
    •         String Class in Java Set 1, Set 2
    •         StringBuffer Class in Java
    •         StringBuilder Class in Java
    •         System Class in Java
    •         Thread Class in Java
    •         ThreadGroup Class in Java
    •         ThreadLocal Class in Java
    •         Throwable Class in Java
    •         Void Class in Java


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Reflection in Java


    •         Reflection on Java
    •         Method Class in Java
    •         Reflect Array class in Java
    •     util.Arrays vs reflect.Array in Java
    •     new operator vs newInstance()
    •     instanceof operator vs instance() 


Wrapper Classes


·         Wrapper Classes in Java

·         Primitive Wrapper Classes are Immutable in Java

·         Number Class, Integer Class, Byte Class, Short Class

·         Long class, Float class, Double class, Boolean class

·         Character Class

·         Autoboxing and Unboxing in Java


Garbage Collection


  •   Garbage Collection
  •   How to make an object eligible for garbage collection in Java?
  •   Mark-and-Sweep
  •   Island of Isolation
  •   Automatic Resource Management
  •   Output of Java programs | Set 10 (Garbage Collection)
  •  Iterator vs Collection in Java

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·         Multithreading

·         Lifecycle and states of a thread

·         Main thread

·         Methods to prevent thread execution

·         inter-thread communication

·         Java. lang.Thread class

·         Start() function in multithreading 

·         Java Thread Priority

·         Joining Threads in Java

·         Naming a thread and fetching the name of the current thread in Java

·         Synchronization

·         Method and Block Synchronization

·         Producer-Consumer solution

·         Thread Pools in Java


Collection Framework (Java Data structure)


·         Generics (Templates)

·         Creating user-defined Generic classes


Java. util package


·         What is the collection framework

·         List, Set & Map interfaces

·         Using Vector, ArrayList, Stack &LinkedList 

·         Using Collections class for sorting

·         HashTable, HashMap, TreeMap, LinkedHashMap

·         Iterator, ListIterator, Enumerator

·         HashSet, TreeSet&LinkedHashSet



Input & Output Streams


·         I/O Streams introduction

·         Types of Streams

·         Stream class hierarchy

·         Using File class

·         Copy and paste the content of a File

·         Byte Streams Vs Character Streams

·         Text file vs Binary File

·         Reading a Line/String from the Keyboard by BufferedReader

·         Standard I/O Streams

·         Using Data Streams to read/write primitive data

·         PrintStream vs PrintWriter

·         Using StreamTokenizer and RandomAccessFile.





JAVA training institutes Hyderabad, Kukatpally at kosmik Training Institute cover topics from beginner level to advanced level. Finally, by the end of the JAVA Course in Hyderabad, you can be confident with JAVA programming Training in Hyderabad.

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