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Ab Initio is not an ETL tool, but rather a data integration and data analysis platform. Ab Initio provides a range of products and solutions for data integration, data quality, and data analytics. ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) is one of the functions that Ab Initio can perform as part of its data integration capabilities.


Here are some key features and components of Ab Initio:

  1. **Graphical Development Environment**: Ab Initio provides a graphical development environment where users can design and build data integration processes using a drag-and-drop interface. This makes it easier for developers to create ETL workflows.
  2. **Parallel Processing**: Ab Initio is known for its ability to process data in parallel, making it suitable for handling large volumes of data efficiently.
  3. **Data Transformation**: It offers a wide range of transformation functions to clean, transform, and enrich data as it moves through the ETL process.
  4. **Metadata Management**: Ab Initio has robust metadata management capabilities, allowing users to track and manage metadata associated with data integration processes. This is crucial for data governance and data lineage.
  5. **Data Quality**: It includes data quality checks and validation features to ensure that data being processed is accurate and consistent.
  6. **Connectivity**: Ab Initio can connect to a variety of data sources and targets, including databases, flat files, cloud-based data storage, and more.
  7. **Scalability**: It can scale horizontally to handle increasing data volumes and processing requirements.
  8. **Job Scheduling**: Ab Initio provides job scheduling and monitoring features to automate and manage ETL workflows.
  9. **Reusable Components**: Developers can create reusable components and templates for ETL processes, which can help accelerate development.
  10. **Security**: Ab Initio offers security features to protect sensitive data during data integration processes.

Abinitio Course Content



              • Ab initio Overview(features)
              • Why Ab initio is preferred compared to Other ETL Tools
              • Data Warehousing Concepts
              • OLAP Vs OLTP
              • Facts & Dimensions
              • Types of Schemas(Snowflake & Star)
              • Ab initio Architecture(Co – Operating system, GDE & EME)
              • Ab initio Concepts
              • Relationship with GDE, Co>op, EME
              • Developer Environment(Sandbox), Folders inside the Sandbox
              • Ab initio Environment Variables
              • Components in Ab initio
              • Parallelism Techniques in Ab initio
              • Serial file Vs Multi file


Datasets Components:

              • Input File
              • Output File
              • Intermediate File
              • Lookup File


Database Components:

              • Run SQL
              • Input Table
              • Output Table
              • Truncate Table
              • Update Table
              • Join with db


Sort Components:

              • Sort & Sort within groups



              • Phases, Checkpoints, Watchers


Transform Components:

              • Filter by Expression
              • Join
              • Reformat
              • Normalize
              • Rollup
              • Scan
              • Dedup
              • Fuse


String Functions

m_ commands

air commands

Partition Components:

              • Partition by Key
              • Partition by Round Robin
              • Partition by Expression
              • Partition by Percentage
              • Partition by Key sort
              • Partition by Range


De-partition Components:

              • Gather
              • Merge
              • Interleave
              • Concatenate


Validate Component: 

              • Check Order
              • Generate Records
              • Generate Random bytes
              • Compare Records
              • Compute Check Sum
              • Compare Check Sum 


Compress Components: 

              • Compress
              • Uncompress
              • Gzip
              • Gunzip


Miscellaneous component: 

              • Gather logs
              • Run program
              • Redefine format
              • Trash
              • Replicate
              • Broadcast 


Additional Graph concepts: 

              • Tagging
              • Branching
              • Checkin-Checkout
              • Locking
              • Common projects
              • Dependency analysis/Impact analysis
              • Generic Graphs/Reusable Graphs
              • Conditional components
              • Concept of Phases and check point


Performance Tuning in Ab initio

Interpretations ($, ${}, PDL)

Scenario based Questions

Real time Scenarios with Examples

Practice Sessions

Interview Questions



Who can take Ab Initio Course Training in KPHB Hyderabad?

Any individual having basic graduation can take for this course easily.

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The Ab Initio Course in KPHB Kosmik Technologies will give you real-time industry experience from experts with practical knowledge to help you to grow up to an expert level, you will gain the skills and expertise needed to construct, manage, and integrate data sources for insightful reports and analytics.


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