Python Course Training in Hyderabad, Kukatpally, Kphb

Python training in Kukatpally/KPHB, Hyderabad covers topics from beginner level to advanced level with lots of examples.

Kosmik Technologies is one of the best Python Training Institutes in KPHB, Hyderabad. Here the trainers are highly qualified working one of the MNCs. The Python Training class consists of more practical sessions.

Why Python:

    Python is an easy to learn, powerful programming language. With Python, it is possible to create programs with minimal amount of code. Look at the code in Java and Python used for printing the message "Hello World"

printing "Hello World" in Java:

kosmik is the best java training institution in  Hyderabad


printing "Hello World" in Python:

"Hello, World!" is a simple program that outputs a message to the screen, and it is often used as the first program to write when learning a new programming language. The reason for this is that it is a straightforward, uncomplicated program that demonstrates the basic syntax and structure of a program in that language. By creating a "Hello, World!" program, a new programmer can quickly verify that they have set up their development environment correctly and that they are able to write, compile, and run a program. Additionally, because "Hello, World!" is a well-known phrase, it provides a common starting point for discussion and comparison between different programming languages and environments.


Kosmik is the best Python training institution in Hyderabad

from above matter we can understood that Python is a simple language when compared to java


Trending Python Versions :

the two most widely used versions of Python are Python 2.x and Python 3.x.:

Python 2.x was first released in 2000 and is still in use today, although its usage has declined in recent years. Python 2.x will no longer receive official support from the Python development team as of January 1, 2020

 Python 3.x was first released in 2008 and has been under active development since then. Python 3.x includes many new and improved features over Python 2.x, and its usage has been growing rapidly in recent years. The latest stable version of Python 3.x as of my training data cut off is Python 3.10, released on October 5, 2021.

 It is highly recommended to use Python 3.x over Python 2.x for new development, as Python 2.x is no longer actively maintained and may have security vulnerabilities.



Python course at Kosmik Technologies Hyderabad provides comprehensive training on Python programming language, covering basics, web development, data analysis, machine learning, and real-time projects, preparing you for the industry.

     Python is a fairly old language created and developed by Guido Van Rossum in 1989. While working at the National Research Institute at the Netherlands

     But officially Python was made available to the public in 1991. The official Date of Birth for Python is: Feb 20th, 1991

    • Python is recommended as the first programming language for beginners
    • The syntax of the Python is clean; length of the Python code is relatively short.


Why Kosmik Technologies for Python Training In Hyderabad, Kukatpally/KPHB:


        Kosmik is the best Software Training  in Hyderabad is probably one of the best Python Training Institutes In Hyderabad. As the trainers are highly qualified with 8+ years of real-time expirience. This Python Training sessions consists of more Practical Sessions rather than theory, Python coaching centers in hyderabad

Applications of Python:

Python is a versatile language which has applications in almost every field


  • Artificial intelligence (AI)
  • Machine Learning (ML)
  • Big Data
  • Smart Devices/Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Cyber Security
  • Game Development
  • Backend Development, etc.

Career Opportunities:

Python developers have plenty of opportunities across the world


  • DevOps Engineer
  • Software Developer
  • Data Analyst
  • Data Scientist
  • Machine Learning (ML) Engineer
  • AI Scientist, etc.

Major uses of Python Training in KPHB, Hyderabad

      • System utilities (system admin tools, command line programs).
      • Web Development.
      • Graphical User Interfaces (Tkinter, gtk, Qt).
      • Internet scripting.
      • Embedded scripting.
      • Database access and programming.
      • Game programming.
      • Rapid prototyping and development.
      • Distributed programming


What are the Features of Python Course in Hyderabad, Kukatpally


      • Simple and easy to learn
      • Freeware and Open Source
      • High-Level Programming language
      • Platform Independent
      • Portability
      • Dynamically Typed
      • Both Procedure Oriented and Object Oriented
      • Python is Interpreted
      • Extensible
      • Embedded
      • Python is a large and comprehensive standard library
      • GUI Programming
      • Automatic memory management
      • Automatic garbage collection
      • Python is a multi-paradigm


Kosmik Provides Python training in Hyderabad. We are providing lab facilities with complete real-time training. Training is based on complete advance concepts. So that you can get easily

Who Uses Python?


      • YouTube
      • Google
      • DropBox
      • RospBerryPI
      • BitTorrent
      • NASA
      • NSA
      • NETFLIX
      • Yahoo
      • Honeywell, HP, Philips and United Space Alliance


Kosmik Provides Python training in Hyderabad. We are providing lab facilities with complete real-time training. Training is based on complete advance concepts. So that you can get easily

Python Course Content



Python is the most preferred programming language for having high-performance computing. It is the most simple and easiest programming language with straightforward syntax. Kosmik Technologies is the most reputed Python Training Institute in Hyderabad. It has designed to give your career a strong boost in trending technology


Course Overview


Kosmik Technologies Python Training in Hyderabad helps the aspirants to acquire knowledge. In every module with the clear understanding skill set. Aspirants will acquire both basic knowledge and theoretical knowledge in python. It helps to face real-world big challenges in an easy manner. High-level trainer with ample skills will deliver the Best Python Course in Hyderabad. To enrich subject knowledge skill set in trending field.

After the successful completion of Python Training in Hyderabad. Aspirants will receive globally recognized Certification from Kosmik Technologies Training Institute. Facilities of Lab with state of art infrastructure are provided. To get practical knowledge to boost revenues by providing the most optimized solution. Real Time Project Oriented Python Training sessions in Hyderabad are ensured. To fetch all the details of customized financial instruments for future analysis. 


Kosmik Provides Python training in Hyderabad. We are providing lab facilities with complete real-time training. Training is based on complete advance concepts. So that you can get easily

What will you learn from this course?


    • Execution of Basics and Advanced Python concepts
    • Improves skills in implementation of python core objects and file handling operations
    •  Skills in developing algorithms and building of real-life applications
    •  Enhances skills in OOP, Expression, data types, and looping
    • Enhances knowledge in Testing and debugging of multiple python applications
    • Gains knowledge in Regular Expression and Database Interface
    •  Real-Time Industry-Based Projects on Python

Who can take this Python Course?


The intended audience who wants to make a career in the Python must Python Training in Hyderabad from Kosmik Technologies.


    • BI Managers and Project Managers
    • Software Developers and ETL Professionals
    • Analytical Professionals
    • Big Data Professionals
    • Network Professionals
    • Marketing and Sales Professionals
    • System Engineers
    • IT Professionals
    • Communication Professionals
    • Freshers and Graduates can take Python Course in Hyderabad

What are the Pre-Requisites of this course?


There is no need of particular basics to learn Python course. But basic knowledge in any of the programming language will be added a value asset.


Why should you take Python Training?


Python is popular object oriented language which is simple to learn and easy to deploy as well. Python can run on a various systems like Linux, windows and Mac. After the completion of Python Training in Hyderabad. Aspirants can work on Big Data Hadoop Environment for very high salary package range. Python is completely with Language Interoperability. It is also documentation system with hierarchical module system to boost revenues.


Kosmik Provides Python training in Hyderabad. We are providing lab facilities with complete real-time training. Training is based on complete advance concepts. So that you can get easily

Core Python Course Content


1 : Python Basics

·         What is Python

·         Why Python?

·         History of python

·         Applications of Python

·         Features of Python

·         Advantages  of  Python

·         Versions of Python

·         Installation of Python

·         Flavors of Python

·         Comparision b/w various programming languages C, Java and Python

2 : Python Operations

·         Python Modes of Execution

·         Interactive mode of Execution

·         Batch mode  of Execution

·         Python Editors and IDEs

·         Python Data Types

·         Python Constants

·         Python Variables

·         Comments in python

·         Output Print(),function

·         Input() Function :Accepting input

·         Type Conversion

·         Type(),Id() Functions

·         Comments in Python

·         Escape Sequences in Python

·         Strings in Python

·         String indexing and slicing

3: Operators in python

·         Arithmetic Operators

·         Relational Operators

·         Logical Operators

·         Assignment Operators

·         Bitwise Operators

·         Membership Operators

·         Identity Operators


4. Flow Control statements

·         Block/clause

·         Indentation in Python

·         Conditional Statements

·               -     if statement

·               -     if…else statement

·               -     if…elif…statement

·         Looping Statements

·               -   while loop,

·               -   while … else,

·               -   Infinite while

·               -   Nested while

·               -   for loop

·               -   Range() in for loop

·               -   Nested for loop

·               -    Break statememt

·               -   Continue statement

·               -   Pass statement

 5. Strings  in Python

·         Creating Strings

·         String indexing

·         String slicing

·         String Concatenation

·         String Comparision

·         String splitting and joining

·         Finding Sub Strings

·         String Case Change

·         Split strings

·         String methods

6. Collections in Python

·         Introduction

·         Lists

·         Tuples

·         Sets

·         Dictionaries

·         Operations on collections

·         Functions for collections

·         Nested collections

·         Differences b/w list tuple and set and Dictionary

7. Python Lists

·         List properties

·         List Creation

·         List indexing and slicing

·         List Operations

·         Nested Lists

·         List modification

·         List insertion and deletion

·         List Methods


8. Python Tuples

·         Tuple  properties

·         Tuple Creation

·         Tuple indexing and slicing

·         Tuple Operations

·         Nested Tuples

·         Tuple Methods

·         Differences b/w List and Tuple

9. Python Sets

·         Set properties

·         Set Creation

·         Set Operations

·         Set Mathematical Operations

·         Set Methods

·         Insertion and Deletion operation

10. Python Dictionary

·         Dictionary  properties

·         Dictionary Creation

·         Dictionary Operations

·         Dictionary Methods

·         Insertion and Deletion of elements

·         Differences b/w list tuple and set and Dictionary

11. Functions in Python

·         Defining a function

·         Calling a function

·         Properties of Function

·         Examples of Functions

·         Function with Parameters

·         Function with Return type

·         Argument types

·               -default arguments

      -non-default arguments

·                -keyword arguments

·                -non keyword arguments

·         Variable Length Arguments

·         Returning Values

·         Variables scope

·         Call by value

·         Call by reference

·         Passing collections to function

·         Local and Global variables

·         Recursive Function

·         Boolean Functio

·         Passing functions to function

·         Anonymous or Lamda function

·         Filter() and map() functions


12. Modules in Python

·         What is a module?

·         Different types of module

·         Creating user defined module

·         Setting path

·         The import statement

·         Module search path

·         Normal Import

·         From … Import

·         Module Aliases

·         Dir function

·         Working with Standard modules -Math, Random, Date  time and os modules,

13. Packages

·         Introduction to packages

·         Defining packages

·         Importing from packages

· file

·         Defining ssub-packages

·         Importing from sub packages

14. Errors and Exception Handling

·         Types of errors

·         Compile-Time Errors

·         Run-Time Errors

·         What is an Exception?

·         Need of Exception handling

·         Predefined Exceptions

·         Try, Except, finally blocks

·         Handling Multiple Exceptions

·         User-definedExceptions

·         Raise  statement

15. File Handling

·         Introduction

·         Types of Files in Python

·         Opening a file

·         Closing a file

·         Writing data to files

·         Tell( ) and seek( ) methods

·         Reading a data from files

·         Various functions

16. Regular Expressions

·         What is regular expression? Special characters

·         Forming regular expression

·         Compiling regular expressions

·         Grouping

·         Match() function

·         Search() function

·         Matching vs searching

·         Splitting a string

·         Replacing text

 17. OOPs concepts

·         OOPS Features

·         Encapsulation

·         Abstraction

·         Class

·         Object

·         Static and non static variables

·         Defining methods

·         Diff b/w  functions & methods

·         Inheritance

·         Types of Inheritances

·         Polymorphism

§  Over riding

·         Constructors

·         Destructors

·         Object Reference count

·         Garbage Collection

·         Super() statement

18.   Advanced concepts

·         Python Iterator

·         Python Generator

·         Python closure

·         Python Decorators

·         Web Scraping

·         PIP

·         Working with CSV files

·         Working with XML files

·         Working with JSON files

·         Debugging

19. Multi Threading

·         Defining a thread

·         Starting a thread

·         Threading module

·         Threads synchronization

·         Locking a Thread

·         Communication b/w Threads

·         Multithreaded priority queue


20. GUI  Programming

·         Introduction

·         Components and events

·         Root window

·         Fonts and colors

·         Buttons ,checkbox

·         Label widget

·         Message widget

·         Text widget

·         Image

21. Database Concepts

·         Introduction

·         Installing Oracle database

·         Creating database users,

·         Installing Oracle Python modules

·         Establishing connection with oracle

·         Closing database connections

·         Cursor object

·         Executing SQL queries

·         Retrieving data from Database.

·         Using bind variables executing

SQL queries

·         Transaction Management

·         Handling errors


22. Python Date and Time

  • How to Use Date &DateTime Class
  •  Time and date Objects
  • Calendar in Python
  • The Time Module


23. Operating System Module

·         Introduction

·         getcwd

·         listdir

·         chdir

·         mkdir

·         rename file/dir

·         remove file/dir

·         Os help

    .       Os operations



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