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KOSMIK TECHNOLOGIES IS BEST SCRUM MASTER TRAINING INSTITUTE IN KUKATPALLY,HYDERABAD . Scrum Master Training focus on learning & mastering in the software tools & applications available for managing projects using Agile methodology. The main focus of training program is to make project manager, senior team leader Agile ready and become Certified Scrum Masters. Kosmik Technologies is at the forefront Agile – Scrum Master training. We have been working on this subject for some time now and our constant endeavor has ensured that we are able to offer the best Scrum master training program and help participant Certify on Agil – Scurm Masters programs, allowing certification from multiple internationally acclaimed Scrum Master Certification partners and organizations.

Scrum master Course in Hyderabad


ScrumMasterCourse curriculum


Ø  HowProject&ProductstartsinITwithMethodology

o   Whatis methodology

o   MethodologywithSDLC

o   DeferentMethodologies/SDLC’s

o   HowAgileStarted

o   HowAgileBenefittoOrganisationandCustomers

o   ProjectVs.Product

o   Workshop

Ø  AgileManifesto,Values&Pillars

o   Agile Manifesto

o   AgilePrincipals

o   Agile/Scrum Values

o   AgilePillars

o   PracticalScenariosDiscussion

Ø  Agile/Scrum Implementation

o   AgileModels

o   HowtoImplementAgilein IT

o   HowtostartAgile project

o   Newproject/productStart

o   AgileGoal

o   RealtimePractice

Ø  Howtomapproductusecases(Requirements)inAgile

o   HowRequirementsshouldmapinAgile

o   TypesofInputsforAgiledevelopment

o   Productplanning

o   Productbacklog

o   DevelopmentofStories

o   Storiestochoose

o   Storiesslicing&Sizing

o   WorkshoponFeatures/Epics/UserStories

Ø  Scrum&AgileRolesandResponsibilities

o   DifferentRoles

o   Responsibilitiesofeachrole

o   ImportanceofAgile Team

o   Client/Customer/Stake holder

o   CrossFunctionalTeam

o   Livepracticewithall

Ø  ScrumCeremonies/Events

o   AboutCeremonies/Events

o   SprintPlanning&CapacityEstimation

o   DailyStandup/ Scrum

o   SprintReview

o   SprintRetrospective

o   Scrumof Scrum


o   Completeworkshopon Ceremonies

Ø  Agile/ScrumMetrics&Reports

o   Burndown chart

o   BurnUp chart

o   Velocitychart

o   HowtoprepareAgilestatus reports

o   Workshop

Ø  Agileprojectinitiation&Tools

o   Sprintzero

o   DOD

o   DOR

o   JIRA/ Rally/ADO

o   Live discussion

Ø  AgileKanban&SAFE

o   Kanbanoverview

o   SAFEoverview

o   WorkshoponKanban&SAFE

Ø  CarrierRoadMapAsaScrumMaster

o   HowtomovefromcurrentRoletoSM

o   CompleteGuidanceforScrummasterPosition

o   Profile/Resume preparation

o   InterviewpreparationTips

o   BenefitsofCertification




Scrum Master training institutes in Hyderabad, Kukatpally,KPHB at kosmik Training Institute covers topics from beginner level to advanced level. Finally, by the end of Scrum Master Course in Hyderabad you can be confident with Scrum Master Training in hyderabad.

Scrum Master training in Kukatpally,KPHB consists of assignments and completely real-time practical Scrum Master job oriented training in Hyderabad . Kosmik explains the difficult topics for beginners with ease, provides best Scrum Master tarining institute in Hyderabad examples and makes the student comfortable with the Scrum Master course in KPHB.

Kosmik is the best Scrum Master training institute in Hyderabad,KPHB. We are providing Scrum Master Online Training in hyderabad & lab facilities with complete real-time Scrum Master training in KPHBScrum Master Training in Kukatpally is based on complete advance concepts. So that you can get easily "hands-on experience". We will give 100% job assistance. software testing Training in kphb, Scrum Master Training in Kukatpally, Best Scrum Master Training in Telangana, Scrum Master Institutes in hyderabad.