Python Django Training in Hyderabad



A framework is a semi implemented application, which will provide a good environment to design an application.

What are the other python Frameworks?

  • Django is the most popular web framework.

   The other frameworks written in python are listed below:

      • Django
      • Flask
      • Bottle
      • Pyramid
      • Muffin
      • CherryPy
      • Web2py


 Django Course content:

1. Introduction to Front End:

      • HTML
      • CSS


2. Introduction to Django:

      • Advantages of Django
      • Who Uses Django
      • Features of Django
      • Understanding Django environment
      • Django installation.
      • Creating our own environment


3. MVT Architecture

4. Creating a first project.

5. Creating a simple application

6. Creating multiple application in a single project

7. creating function-based views and class-based views.

8. creating templates in Django

9. working with static files

10. Creating HTML forms and link with views.

11. Creating Django forms.

13. MIME

14. Creating Django Models.

      • converting the model into a table.
      • Examples of Fields in Models
      • Basic data access operations using Python shell
      • Inserting records, deleting, updating
      • Retrieving objects from the database.
      • Creating model relationships


15.  The Django Template Language.

      • Django template tags.
      • if/else
      • if/elseif/else
      • for loop
      • comments
      • using a template to display data in the site
      • Template Filters


16. Creating ModelForms.

17. CRUD operations

18. Django Admin

Python Django Course Overview:

Master the fundamentals of Python Django from scratch and learn how to create and deploy web applications using the Django framework with real-time experts in our training. You will also get hands-on exposure to various real-time use cases and projects, which helps you in clearing the Python Django certification exam.

Python-Django Course Objectives

Why should you learn Python Django to grow your career?

      • The craze for Django is significantly increasing as it is the most popular web framework for Python.
      • Top companies, including social media applications such as Pinterest, Facebook, NASA, and Instagram, use Python with the Django framework.
      • The average salary of Python developers and Django professional is $117,000, $102,000 per annum, respectively.


Who should learn Python Django?

Learning this technology will benefit the following users:

      • Web Developers
      • UI Developers and Technical Leads
      • Full Stack Developers
      • Architects


What are the prerequisites for the Python Django course?

The following are some of the prerequisites required for learning this course.

Basic knowledge of

      • Programming constructs
      • HTML
      • CSS.


What will you learn in this Python Django training?

The following are the core skills that aspirants gain after the completion of this training course:

1. Develop real-time applications using Python, Django framework.

2. Create Django web applications to solve the required problem.