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  Automation Project Introduction What is automation testing?

    • What is automation testing?
    • Why automation for project?
    • Automation goals
    • Scope of automation
    • When to start automation?
    • When not to go for automation?
    • What are the benefits of automation testing?


Automation test process

        • Automation workflow
        • Prerequisites for automation process
        • Functional testing methodology






Maven for Selenium

        • Apache – Maven
        • What is Maven
        • Installing the Maven
        • Configuring the Maven
        • What is pom.xml file
        • Using the pom.xml file
        • Setting up the Maven project in eclipse editor
        • Use of Maven project
        • Building and running the selenium Maven project
        • Updating the jar files by using Maven
        • Updating the libraries by using Maven
        • Updating the selenium project dependencies by using Maven
        • TestNG Maven Configuration
        • Executing TestNG from maven
        • TestNG Introduction
        • Configure TestNG in Eclipse
        • TestNG Annotations
        • Sample Test using TestNG
        • Execution order of TestNG Annotations
        • Test Suite in TestNG
        • Skip Test in TestNG
        • Set Test Dependencies in TestNG
        • Assertion in TestNG
        • Reportng in TestNG
        • Test Groups in TestNG
        • Testcase Prioritization in TestNG
        • Test Parameterization in TestNG
        • Parallel Test Execution Using TestNG

Debugging the Scripts

        • Controlling the Program Execution
        • Evaluating Variables in the debugger
        • Breakpoint properties
        • Exception breakpoints



Test Data Reading from excel files using Apache POI Implementation of data-driven framework with TestNG (@DataProvider) Selenium Grid
        • Selenium Grid Overview
        • How to Configure selenium Grid
        • Grid as Collection of Selenium Web Driver nodes
        • Understanding & Using Desired Capabilities Class
        • Running Parallel & Distributed tests using Selenium Grid
Log4j in Web Driver
        • Log4j Introduction
        • Usage of Logger in Automation Testing
        • Download Log4j
        • Add Log4j Jars
        • Test Case with Log4j Logging
        • Integrate Log4j in Selenium
        • Loggers
        • Appenders
        • How to Integrate Log4j in Framework
Selenium waits
        • Implicit wait
        • Explicit wait
        • Fluent wait

JavaScript Executor methods Mouse and Keyboard Actions Automation Framework

        • What is a Framework
        • Framework Architecture
        • Use of Framework
        • Different types of framework
        • Modular framework
        • Data driven framework
        • Keyword driven frame work
        • Hybrid framework
        • Data provider implementation in framework
        • Page objects model and page factory implementation in framework.
        • Frame works with design patterns (Page object model, Singleton, Factory Design ...etc)
        • Implementing oops in frame work




Project implementation with AGILE Methodology (Scrum Procedure)
        • What is Agile process
        • Overview on backlog
        • Sprint ceremonies (Sprint Panning and grooming, Sprint Review , Sprint execution, Retrospective and Release Planning)
        • Scrum roles (product owner, Scrum master and Scrum team)
Reporting Frameworks (ReportNG and TestNG) Overview on health care domain Executing the Test Scripts with Windows Scheduler using batch files Automation Test Execution
    • Planning for Test Execution
    • Need for Test Environment
    • Test Environment Configuration
    • Test Data Setup
    • Build Management
        • Introduction to Jenkins
        • use of Jenkins in Automation Testing
        • How to run the Test cases using Jenkins without any manual interaction for Nightly builds.
        • Download and Install Jenkins
        • How to verify Whether the Jenkins is installed successfully or not.
        • How to add email notifications in Jenkins
        • How to trigger ANT Build file through Jenkins
        • Set up Selenium project for Jenkins
        • How to View TestNG results
        • Integration of Jenkins in framework





Core java concepts for selenium

        • Java introduction
        • Data types & operators & Loops & Access Specifiers
        • Strings/String Buffer/String Builder
        • Logical implementation in programs
        • Arrays (single and double dimensional array and implementation in data provider )
        • Collection Framework (Set,List,Map and implementation in frame work)
        • Exception handling
        • Oops (Encapsulation, Abstraction, Inheritance, and Polymorphism)
        • Methods Constructors and setters and getters

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