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React JS complete curriculum

Web Development Fundamentals (optional )

·        Understand how websites work and how HTML, CSS and JavaScript contribute.

·         Understand how the internet works.

·         Client Server Architecture

·         Request – Response Lifecycle

·         Modern Web Based Applications

·         Website Design Principles

Pre-requisites (optional)

H T M L 5

·         Learn the anatomy of HTML syntax to structure your websites.

·         Understand the HTML boilerplate and HTML doctypes.

·         How to structure text in HTML.

·         How to structure HTML lists to create unordered and ordered lists.

·         How to insert images using HTML

·         How to create hyperlinks using anchor tags.

·         Understand how to use HTML tables for content.

·         How to use tables for layout.

·         Learn HTML best practices.

·         Understand about HTML forms and create a simple contact me form.

·         HTML Divs and how to separate content for CSS styling

C S S 3

·         Understand what are cascading style sheets and how you can use it to style your website.

·         How to use CSS selectors and properties.

·         Learn about how to use inline, internal and external CSS.

·         Understand CSS coding best practices.

·         How to use CSS static, relative and absolute positioning systems.

.  How combine CSS selectors and understand selector priority.



JavaScript Fundamentals

·         Variables in JavaScript

·         Conditions in JavaScript

·         Operators in JavaScript

·         Working with Browser Console

·         Loops in JavaScript

·         Functions in JavaScript

·         Creating Custom Loops with Functions

Data Types in JavaScript

·         Working with Arrays

·         Numbers in JavaScript

·         Strings in JavaScript

·         Working with Dates Object

·         Objects in JavaScript

·         DOM in JavaScript

ECMA Script 6 (JavaScript ES6)

·         let

·         let vsconst

·         Arrow Functions

·         Template

·         Prototype

·         Classes

·         Spread Operator

React JS along with working on Real time project

(using React JS, Redux, Node JS, Firebase database)

Getting Started

·         Introduction to React JS

·         Installing Browser Tools

·         Installing Node JS for React

·         Install VS Code for React

·         Hello World in React JS

·         JSX in React JS


State Management

·         App Setup

·         Component Architecture

·         Functional Components

·         State Management

·         Updating State

·         Prop-Types

·         Lifecycle Methods

·         Lifecycle Methods List


·         Overview

·         Component State Navigation (Resources)

·         Component State Navigation

·         Browser-Router

·         Link

·         Route

·         UI Setup (Resources)

·         Font-names (error)

·         UI Setup

·         Adding Photos

·         Wrapping up

·         Key Prop - Index, or not?


·         Overview

·         Theory

·         Redux Store

·         Reducer

·         Connected Component

·         Actions

·         Updating State

·         ReduxDev Tool

Firebase &Redux (setting up database and CRUD)

·         Overview

·         Firebase Setup

·         Updating Database

·         Fetching Posts

·         Removing Posts

·         Saving Comments

·         Loading Comments

·         Multi-location updates

Live - Production Deployment



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