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Microsoft AZURE ADMIN Course Overview

1. Introduction to Azure

● Cloud technology overview

● Overview of Azure

● Managing Azure with the Azure portal

● Managing Azure with Windows PowerShell

● Azure management services

2. Implementing and managing Azure networking

● Overview of Azure networking

● Implementing and managing Azure virtual networks

● Configuring Azure virtual networks

● Configuring Azure virtual network connectivity

● Configuring the Subnets

● Virtual Network Region Peering

● Virtual Network Global Peering

● Understanding Azure to On-Prem Connectivity

● Azure Virtual Network Gateway.

● Understanding User Defined Routes (UDR).

Microsoft Azure Training

3. Understanding and Configuring Network Security Groups (NSG)

● Understanding Azure Network Security Groups (NSG)

● Inbound & Outbound Security Rules.

● Understanding NSG Rule Hierarchy.

● Network Security Groups and leaning rule priority.

● NSG Rules with Service tags.

● Understanding Application Security Groups (ASG).

4. Understanding Firewall

● Overview of Azure Firewall as a Service.

● Azure Firewall.

5. Implementing & Configuring Azure Virtual Machines

● Overview Azure virtual machines

● virtual machines in Azure portal

● virtual machines using Azure CLI

● Managing Azure Virtual machine storage

● Understanding Availability sets, Fault Domain & Update Domain.

Microsoft Azure Training

6. Designing & Implementing Azure Load Balancing

● Overview on Load Balancing

● Type of Load Balancers in Azure

● Basic Vs Standard Load Balancer

● Backend Pools, Health probes and Load Balance rules.

● Checking the Load Balancing scenarios.

7. Configuring Azure Application gateway

● Understanding Azure Application Gateway architecture.

● Understanding Path Based Routing in AGW.

8. Configuring Auto Scaling with Virtual Machine Scale Sets(VMSS)

● Understanding Azure VMSS

● Azure VM Image for VMSS

● Deploy VMSS with the custom image.

9. Planning and implementing Azure Storage

● Azure Storage account overview

● Understand Blob Storage

● Understand File Shares

● Data migration using Azure storage explorer

● Manage Azure Storage permissions

Microsoft Azure Training

10. Configure and Mange Azure Backup and Disaster Recovery Services

● Backup and disaster recovery overview

● Backup Azure VM

11. Planning and implementing Azure SQL Database

12. Implementing Azure App services

● Azure Web Apps overview ( PaaS)

● Deploying and Managing Web Apps

● Azure App Service plan

13. Implementing Azure Active Directory

● Azure Domain services

● Azure Active Directory overview

● Deploy and configure Active directory

● Create and manage users and groups

14. Configure Diagnostics, Monitoring, and Analytics

● Azure Monitoring and alerts configuration

● Log analytics

● Insights virtual machines and network

15. Azure Migrate projects and customer billing optimization

● Azure Migration projects

● Recovery services vaults

● Azure Database migration services

● Azure cost calculator

● Azure price optimization

16. Azure Certification & Azure Project.

Microsoft Azure Training

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