Tosca training in Hyderabad

Kosmik Provides tosca  training in Hyderabad. We are providing lab facilities with complete real-time training. Training is based on complete advance concepts. So that you can get easily



Kosmik Provides Tosca training in Hyderabad. We are providing lab facilities with completely advanced training.   We will give 100% job assistance.

What is TOSCA

Tricentis Tosca is a testing tool used to automate end-to-end testing for programming applications. It is produced by Tricentis. Tricentis Tosca joins various parts of the software.


Tosca training in hyderabad



      • Automation Testing Introduction
      • Advantages & Disadvantages of automation testing
      • Various Automation Testing Tools


TOSCA Introduction       

      • Introduction
      • Advantages and Disadvantages by comparing with other tools



      • System Requirements
      • Tosca Installation Process
      • Standard Module Import
      • Tosca Architecture


Tosca training in hyderabad


Tosca Commander         

      • Actions/Sections - Requirements
      • Modules
      • Test Cases
      • Execution List
      • Test Case Design
      • Check in, check out & Update All



      • Record & Playback features
      • Generate script through recording


Modules & Test Cases  

      • Object Identification
      • How Tosca identifies objects
      • How to scan & create module
      • Create a basic test case
      • Object Identification methods - By properties, By Anchor, By image, By Index
      • Examples


Tosca training in hyderabad


Action Modes  

      • Working with various Action modes - Input, Verify, WaitOn, Buffer, Select, Constraint
      • Examples



      • WaitOn
      • Default Settings
      • Static Wait


Standard Modules

      • Buffer Operations - How to set buffer?
      • How to delete buffer?
      • Partial buffer
      • Expression evaluator
      • Window Operations - Send Keys, Window Operations
      • Process Operations


Tosca training in hyderabad


Reusable Test Step blocks

      • Create & Use Libraries
      • Examples


Conditions & Loops

      • Conditional Statement
      • If & Else
      • Iterations/Repetitions



      • Use of constraint
      • Dynamic data handling


Tosca training in hyderabad


Test Case Design

      • Create data in Test Case design
      • Mapping & Template conversion
      • Generating test cases from instances
      • Examples



      • Adding Technical Parameters
      • Steering Parameters
      • Dynamic objects handling


Execution List

      • Execution set creation
      • Test Cases linking to execution set
      • Test execution results
      • Examples


FAQs/Interview Questions

      • Discussion on interview questions

Tosca training in hyderabad