Using Debugging Tests in TestComplete Documentation

testing and debugging Overview

TestComplete includes two debuggers. the keyword test debugger and script debugger keyword lab tests and scripts. Debugging refers to test execution on the keyword test procedure or script lines. then running test in step with the execution, stopping on businesses or script lines. Each time the debugger ceases somewhere. there are several things it will enable to do, such on the check or change the principles of factors. But stopping before certain businesses or lines help in checking test is doing.


The keyword-test and script debugging functionality made into TestComplete. It does not have any special requirements Using Debugging Tests in TestComplete Documentation.

Enabling the Debugger Functionality

The debugging features work when the Enable Debugging item examined. If the item unchecked the debugger is off. Also, the debugger is off if TestComplete exposed in the Silent method.

 Using Debugging Tests in TestComplete Documentation

Operating Test Under Debugger The script and keyword test debuggers are very like one another. They may have the same strategy used and talk about the same panels, dialogs and menu items. The debugger actions found from the Debug toolbar or shortcuts. The toolbar provides the execution selections of the debugger. Each one of these is the same as a Run button.

Differences between two Debuggers

  • First, on a new run, execution begins near the top of the first executed schedule or keyword test. But after each stop, it will continue at the collection or operation, at which the debugger quits.
  • Second, each execution choice is a different way of selecting the next line or operation. which the debugger will cut. Both main ways to debug a script are

  The debugger can stop before every executable line in the script or on any procedure of any keyword test. There are two modifications, tracing or stepping over. See Stepping Through Test. The debugger can run through the test from the current execution point. It without halting, to the series or operation that the cursor is on. Execution will stop on that series or procedure. That is one way of going right at the suspect code. See Running to the Cursor for more information. Remember that execution won't stop until the end of the test run. if the cursor line or operation is never executed.


Script lines and keyword-test procedures preset for the set backstop when attaining them. These lines called breakpoints. A breakpoint is a location set in script or keyword test where want the test to pause during execution. After the execution paused, the statute status of the test, its outcome, and its factors. Setting a plain breakpoint equal to running to the cursor, except. That does not have to create the cursor at the script brand or operation have several breakpoints. conditional breakpoints, the debugger stops at that point in the run certain condition. Breakpoints work no subject execution managed from the Run button Script toolbar.

Activating Debugger During Test Run

 pause the execution of the script or keyword test by getting in touch with the Runner. Pause method. Also, if the Pause test execution on posting an error option allowed. TestComplete activates the debugger when an error message submitted to the test log. See Activating Debugger From Tests for complete information.

Evaluating Data During Debugging pause the test execution utilizing a breakpoint or any other method. I examine the value of script factors and expressions.

  • In the event debug a script device, relevant changing name the Code Editor.
  • Use the Test dialog find the worthiness of any appearance. It establishes with available factors and standard arithmetic and reasonable operators.
  • Use the Local people panel to explore the values of all variables defined for keyword test.
  • The -panel also screen the values of the routine's or test's parameters.
  • Use the List panel to create a list of the expressions evaluated each time the execution halts.
Looking at Call Stack

 The collection of script cell phone calls and keyword lab tests. that led to the current range executed using the decision Stack -panel. The list displayed in the order where the routines and tests executed. the most recent-called regimen at the very top.

Changing the Execution Flow
The pause, execution the range or keyword test procedure execution. By using the feature omit or re-execute the desired test parts. Start the Environment Next Execution Point help topic for in-depth information. Save