Top Microsoft Azure Interview Questions

  1. What is Cloud Computing?
  2. What is Microsoft Azure?
  3. Explain Importance of the role & how many types of oles are available in Windows Azure?
  4. Why should you use Azure CDN?
  5. What are the important applications of Microsoft Azure?
  6. What is Azure as PaaS?
  7. Explain crucial benefits of Traffic Manager?
  8. What are Break-fix issues in Microsoft Azure?
  9. Explain Diagnostics in Windows Azure
  10. Difference between repetitive & minimal monitoring.
  11. Main difference between the repository & the powerhouse server?
  12. Explain command task in Microsoft Azure
  13. What are unconnected lookups?
  14. Explain Cmdlet command of Microsoft Azure
  15. What is the use of Migration Assistant tool in Azure Websites?
  16. What is use of Azure Active Directory?
  17. What is HDInsight in Microsoft Azure?
  18. Explain role instance in Microsoft Azure
  19. Explain the term 'service fabric' in Azure
  20. Explain Availability Set
  21. Types of web application which can be deployed with Azure
  22. How many customers subscriptions allowed in managed disks?
  23. Explain the service definition file
  24. Difference between copy and shortcut?
  25. Name the services which are used to manage resources in Azure
  26. Explain enterprise warehousing
  27. What are the important drawbacks of using Microsoft Azure?
  28. What is MOSS?
  29. Step you need to perform when drive failure occurs?
  30. Difference between PROC MEANS and PROC SUMMARY?
  31. Difference between a library and a list?
  32. Can you create VM by using Microsoft Azure Resource Manager in a Virtual Network?
  33. What is the use of VNET?
  34. What are the important requirements when you creating new Virtual Machine?
  35. Name different power states of a Virtual Machine.
  36. Explain lookup transformation
  37. What are the 3 main components of Windows Azure platform?
  38. Explain cspack in Microsoft Azure
  39. What is the use of using an application partition scheme in Azure?
  40. Explain Azure Service Level Agreement
  41. What do you mean by network security groups?
  42. What happens when you exhaust the maximum failed attempts by authenticating yourself using Azure AD?
  43. Explain concept of table in Windows Azure?
  44. What is use of Temp Drive in VM?
  45. Explain guest OS in Microsoft Azure?
  46. When will you find the list of built-in app with ADD?
  47. Are data disks provide support within scale sets?
  48. Explain the difference pricing model of Microsoft Azure
  49. What is csrun?
  50. What are the blobs used in Microsoft Azure? Name any two?
  51. How much storage can a user with a VM use?
  52. Types of Disks used by VMs?
  53. Name two types of cloud services?


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