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Interoperation feature in .net Framework and how to communicate with a COM issue  

The phrase ‘Interoperability’ in reality refers to the capability of various systems and companies to work together (inter-function). This term is frequently utilized in technical systems engineering instances additionally. In pc systems, there is lot of interactions occurring between exceptional new systems and vintage structures. The .internet Framework gives many brilliant features including the Interoperability; its miles performed via set of tools and offerings furnished via the framework. The .internet additives can speak with the prevailing COM additives without migrating to the one's additives into .internet. Meaning, this feature is a remarkable assist to lessen the migration price and business systems.

The way to make Interoperability among managed codes 

As we maximum of them knows, we cannot without delay upload C # (.cs) magnificence report right into a VB.internet venture and vice versa. Happily, we've each other technique to apply the capabilities from the .cs elegance in the undertaking. First, create the dynamic hyperlink library (DLL) for the .cs magnificence record and upload the DLL reference into the VB.internet task wherein we want to use it. After making the reference within the current mission, import the namespace for the DLL. Then, all of the exposed techniques could be available on this net training in kphb

Set the task output type as elegance Library (DLL)

  • To create the undertaking output as a category library document, observe the underneath steps: kukatpally
  • Create a brand new visible Studio mission.
  • Right click on challenge houses/pick the task properties from the assignment primary menu (from the top).
  • Click on the software tab and choose Output kind as magnificence Library.

Interoperability with Un-managed code or COM additives 

Platform invokes allows managed code to call capabilities exported from an unmanaged dynamic link library (DLL), consisting of Win32 API and custom DLLs. The CLR handles DLL loading and parameter marshaling. Luckily, switching from COM to .net includes no such radical lack of productiveness. The concept of providing bridge among .internet and COM additives is .internet-COM interoperability. Configurations to use COM additives in managed code COM is a binary reusable item which exposes its functionality to other components. Vicinity all the dependency files and the COM library in any of the folder and replace the route to the folder on device homes->environment variables path. If we doing this configuration, we don’t want to say the whole DLL course on the DllImport attribute. If we aren't making this configuration on environment route settings, we have to say the entire DLL path at the DllImport characteristic. Comply with the beneath steps to set the surroundings path to your device:

  • Go to my laptop properties.
  • Click on Advanced system settings from the left pane.
  • Visit advanced tab at the machine homes window.
  • Click on environment variable button on the bottom of the window.
  • On gadget variable phase, select the course variable and click on Edit and paste the DLL course at the variable value text field
  • Then click ok.