Different types of Alert And Popup Box in CSharp  

Different types of Alert And Popup Box in Selenium CSharp

Alert is a pop-up window that arises on screen. There are various user activities that can cause an alert on display. customer clicked on a button that displayed a note or when you entered a form. HTML web page asked you for some extra information. We understand to Handle kinds of Alert And Popup Container in Selenium CSharp.

Different types of Alert And Popup Box in CSharp

Alerts are different from regular house windows. The primary difference is the fact that alerts are blocking in nature. They will not allow any action on the root web page if they are present. So if an alert exists on the website and make an effort to access any of the factors in the fundamental page

Handling Alerts using Selenium WebDriver

Selenium provides us with a software called IAlert (It is an Interface). It is present in the OpenQA.Selenium.IAlert package deal. Alert interface gives us following methods to deal with the alert:

  • Accept() To accept the alert
  • Dismiss() To dismiss the alert
  • Content material To get the text of the alert
  • SendKeys() To create some text message to the alert

Simple Alert

Simple alerts have an OK button on them. They used to display some information to an individual. The first alert on our test web page is a straightforward alert. The following code will browse the text message from the Alert and then allow the alert. the note that people swap from the main windowpane with an alert using the driver.SwitchTo().Alert().

Confirmation Alert

This alert possesses an option to accept or dismiss the alert. To accept the alert use IAlert.Accept() and also to dismiss use the IAlert.Dismiss().

Prompt Alerts

In prompt alerts, get an option to add text to the alert container. This used when some input is necessary from an individual. We use the SendKeys() method to type something in the Prompt alert box.

Different types of Alert And Popup Box in CSharp

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