Chart Display Series with Multiple Data Ranges

Displaying a Series with Multiple Data Ranges on a Chart

Chart use the small and largest values of a series to calculate the axis scale. When a series on chart contains more than one range of data. The data points become obscured, and only a few data points to see on the chart.

 Chart Display Series with Multiple Data Ranges

 The sales are between 10 and 40. The sales marketing campaign has caused sudden sales increase at the beginning. This change in deals information creates an uneven dispersion of information focuses. That diminishes the clarity of the diagram.

There are different ways to improve readability:

  •   Enable scale breaks. If data forms two or more sets of data ranges, use a scale break to remove the gap between the ranges. A scale break is a stripe drawn over the plotting territory. The mean a break between the high and low estimations of an arrangement
  •   Filter out unnecessary values. If have data points that are important data range displayed on the chart. The remove the unwanted points using a report filter. add a filter Reporting Services, Dataset Filters, Data Region Filters, and Group Filters.
 create and change paginated report definition files in SQL Server Data Tools. the environment provides different ways to create, open, and save reports and related items.

Displaying Many Data Ranges Using Scale Breaks

 When enabling a scale break, the chart calculates where to draw a line across the chart. You must have enough separation between ranges to draw a scale break. As a matter of course, a scale break included a division. the information scores of no less than 25% of the graph.
 If enable a scale break but it does not appear, even though there is enough distance between the data ranges. set the CollapsibleSpaceThreshold property to a value less than 25. The CollapsibleSpaceThreshold collapsible space required between the data ranges.
Charts support up to five scale breaks per chart. The displaying more than one scale break can cause the chart to become unreadable. If have more than two data ranges, consider using a different method for displaying this data.
Unsupported Scale Break Scenarios
Scale breaks are not supported in the following chart scenarios:
  •   The chart3-D enabled.
  •   A logarithmic value axis has specified.
  •   The value axis least or largest has set.
  •   The chart type polar, radar, pie, doughnut, funnel, pyramid, or any stacked chart.

 Chart Display Series with Multiple Data Ranges

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