Azure Administrator Interview Questions | Azure Administrator Interview Questions

  1. How will you define Azure Administration?
  2. What is Azure Active Directory? How is it related to subscriptions?
  3. Define Azure Subscriptions.
  4. Can an organization have more than one Azure Directory?
  5. What are the roles & responsibilities of an Azure Admin?
  6. Who utilizes an Azure Active Directory?
  7. Define Azure Virtual Machines.
  8. How will you define NSG and its creation?
  9. Mention all the power states of a Virtual Machine.
  10. Can we host Virtual Machine in one region & connect to another region?
  11. What is the command to tag resources?
  12. How will you differentiate the Premium Storage Account from the Standard Storage Account?
  13. Difference between the Managed Disk & the Unmanaged Disk?
  14. Define Azure Site-to-Site VPN.
  15. Mention the tools used in the creation of Vnets.
  16. How will you configure the static public IP address VPN gateway?
  17. Mention the protocols supported by the Application gateway?
  18. Define Azure Backup and its benefits.
  19. What is the command to retrieve the state of any Virtual Machine?
  20. How will you enable the Availability Set when you have a couple of VMs running in the Azure environment?



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