Use XPath Helper in Selenium Webdriver

XPath Helper

which can be an INCREASE for Firefox Web browser. Although that very easy tool and always my first choice, as it will save a lot of time. But it makes your XPath learning logic weak and you'll struggle in the interview because of this. For the rookies, I'd always suggest avoiding such tools or plugins Use XPath Helper in Selenium Webdriver.

 Use XPath Helper in Selenium Webdriver

In this section, we will learn a fresh tool called XPath Helper an Add-On of Stainless- Browser. Despite the fact that the same process carried out by Firefox and Firepath plugin. but nonetheless, in case want to use Chrome Internet browser. It could keep something useful within that. The jumping on to its use, let's start to see the step for its installation.

How to Install XPath Helper Plugin for Chrome Browser?

1) Go to 2) Select Add to Chrome.  If open the Link in any other browser. the option 'Available in Chrome' rather than 'Add to Chrome' 3) Select Add button 4) Once it installed, it will display a pop-up concept for Succesful assembly.  installing this expansion, reload any existing tabs or restart for the expansion work. 5) Now the icon for XPath Helper will appear at the top right most side of the Stainless browser. click on it to start the helper.

How exactly to use XPath Helper Tool?


  1. Open a new tab and navigate to any web page. I've used for the demo.
  2. Strike Ctrl-Shift-X, or click the XPath Helper button in the toolbar, to open up the XPath Helper system.
  3. Hold down Shift as you mouse over elements on the web page. The query container updates the XPath query for the component mouse pointer. the results container show the results for the current query.
  4. If desired, edit the XPath query straight in the unit. The results package will immediately or show changes.
  5. Duplicate step (2) to close the console.
Build your own XPath

In case of invalid XPath, the result side will display the error. If the XPath syntax is right and no fits found then it'll say NULL.