React Js Training in Hyderabad

React js Course Content


Web Development Introduction

      • Web Technologies
      • Client Server Architecture
      • Modern Web Based Applications
      • All about Web Servers
      • Protocols for Servers
      • Website Design Principles


Prerequisites Overview

      • HTML 5 Programming
      • Styling with CSS3
      • Bootstrap programming
      • Basic JavaScript Concepts


React Js Introduction

      • React Js Features
      • React Js Advantages
      • React Js Limitations




React Js Environment Setup

      • Install Global Packages
      • Add Dependencies and Plugins
      • Create the Root folder and other files
      • Set Compiler, Server and Loader
      • Running the Server


React Components

      • Creating and Styling a Component
      • Component Lifecycle
      • Component Intercommunication
      • Stateless and Stateful Components


React JSX

React Props

      • Using Props
      • Default Props
      • Validating Props


React State

      • Creating State
      • Changing State
      • Changing State from another Component
      • Using Context API and Provider State
      • Adding a Context Reducer for Actions




React Forms

      • Working with Forms
      • Creating a Form with State
      • Controlled Components and onChange
      • Uncontrolled Components and Refs
      • Form Submit Action
      • Error Checking and Display


React Lifecycle, HTTP and Deployment

      • Lifecycle Methods
      • GET Requests
      • POST and DELETE Requests
      • Using AsyncAwait
      • EditContact Component & Fetch Contact
      • PUT Request & Update Action
      • Deploy to GitHub Pages


Learning Redux

      • App Starting Point for Redux
      • Redux Store Setup & Contact Reducer
      • Connecting Components & Dispatching Actions
      • Creating A Separate Actions File
      • Settings Reducer & Actions


Final Project: Creating a Web application using React Js