Huge Openings On python Developer

company profile

Coming off from a successful product acquisition in the market, we decided to take our product engineering and marketing experience out to build more teams that bring more successful products to the market that help the community live better.

We are passionate technocrats who think disruptively and take pride in solving challenges with technology. We commit ourselves to ethically work with a clear vision to solve complex problems with our expertise and help our clients all over the world to build a great software that would leap them ahead of, or even redirect, their market.

Our mission is to build a team of highly skilled, motivated and responsible workforce to build world class software products to accelerate your business by targeting improving customer engagement.

Company : Copper Taurus  

Required skills : Python

Required Qualification: B Tech

Pass OUT: 2016-2019 ( Freshers)

Work Location : Hyderabad

Interested Candidates can call and Enrol their names @kosmik

PH: 91+9912076216

***Only For kosmik Students