Jan 08
Cube Storage
      Cube Storage     Storage includes only the cube metadata. It includes all the source data from the fact table. Th
Jan 07
XSLT Report in Selenium | XSL element in programming
XSLT Report in Selenium The test record is the most crucial feature of the Selenium construction. In Selenium, TestNG provides its default reportin
Jan 07
Dot net interview questions and answers
  dot net interview questions and answers for freshers 1.Difference between .Net Framework and VisualStudio.Net? .NET FRAMEWORK It is a ru
Jan 07
Java Questions asked in Selenium Interview
1. How to Print List of Even Numbers in Java?  package JavaPrograms_InterviewQuestions;  import java.util.Scanner;  public class Pri
Jan 07
recovery models in SQL server
  Recovery models in SQL server that enable you to determine the way SQL Server manage the log files. And ready your DB for recovery after infor
Jan 07
robotic process automation blue prism
robotic process automation blue prism   1) Blue Prism?   Blue Prism is one of the RPA tool. Which used to automate business ap
Jan 07
robotic process automation interview questions
Robotic Process Automation Interview Questions  for freshers and experienced, Robotic process automation is the Set of Soft Bot technolo
Jan 07
Python Introduction-python data types-python variables
  Python-Introduction Python is a pure object oriented language created by guido van rossum. It was released in February 1991. Python is a ope
Jan 07
Principles of Web Designing
  Web site designing is more important. It affects on users. The website designing judged by the users of the web site it is not depending on