XSLT Report in selenium training in hyderabad

XSLT Report in Selenium

The test record is the most crucial feature of the Selenium construction. In Selenium, TestNG provides its default reporting system XSLT Report in selenium.

XSLT Report in selenium

To improve the reporting feature further XSLT Record is helpful. Also, it has more UI and fine detail information for the test suite result from selenium.

What is XSLT

XSLT means Extensible Stylesheet Vocabulary Transformations. XSLT is a words for transforming XML documents into other XML documents (XHTML). that used by an internet browser With XSLT, we can change the output document. This done by adding/eliminating attributes and elements in the XML record. This help to interpret the final result. All internet browser support XSLT. It uses XPath to get around through elements and attributes in XML documents. 

Below is the most used XSL element in programming:

It defines that this record can be an XSLT stylesheet file. employed to place a conditional test against the content of the XML record. employed to build themes. is used to apply layouts to elements. employed together with and to express many conditions. is used to choose every XML element of a given node. is used to draw out the value of a selected node. employed to sort the output.

Pre-requisite to create XSLT report

Pursuing is the pre-requisite to creating XSLT Report in selenium is  1) ANT build tool should be install. ANT used to compile the foundation code and creating the build. Additionally, it is quite definitely extensible. Refer this hyperlink for steps to download and install ANT. 2) XSLT package deal downloaded. 3) Selenium script that performed by TestNG.

Generate XSLT Article in Selenium
  • Launch the web browser
  • Kick off the Firefox and open up the site
  • Login to the application.
  • Log right out of the application.
Verifying XSLT Report

The build successful and changed to job home directory. open this HTML document in any web browser. like Firefox or Stainless-, which support javascript. It will find the article as shown in below screen. The pie graph statement represents test position more. The filter feature allows an individual to filter result to the set requirements.