Android Project Training in Hyderabad  Kosmik Provides Android Project training in Hyderabad. We are providing lab facilities with complete real-time training. Training is based on complete advance concepts. So that you can get easily

Android Project COURSE CONTENT


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Step1: RFP –> Understanding of RFP
Step2: Scope of the Work (or) Statement of Work
Step3: Requirement Phase –> Understanding of client requirement after analysis of RFP and Scope of Work.
Step4: SRS Design
Step5: DDD Design
Step6: Mockup screen design
Step7: Physical and Logical design of Database
Step8: Coding Phase –> we will make students to do specific project coding on their own
Step9: Unit Testing
Step10: Release Phase

Note: Students will get the following benefits if they join this course.

        • We will choose project from IEEE paper only
        • We will choose specific project for every batch
        • This course is exclusively designed for Job Seekers
        • We will train students on latest version of an Android
        • Deep understanding of Requirement phase, SRS and DDD
        • Students can able to design SRS and DDD documents on their own
        • In depth understanding of Data base design and design issues
        • Student will prepare mockup screens
        • We make students to change mockup screens into coding
        • We provided Lab come class and students will be able to develop project in class room itself
        • There is no theory classes but only project execution in the class
        • Make students to do project on their own
        • We will conduct weekly review on project progress
        • Conduct interview for every 15 days

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  •  The following tools can be learned over project course

        1. DB Designer
        2. Balsamiq Mockups
        3. Android SDK
        4. Android AVD
        5. Eclipse
        6. Integration of SQLite database into eclipse
        7. Tracing and Debugging of an Android application
        8. JUnit3
        9. Preparation of Unit Test Cases
        10. Android Test frameworks – Monkey Runner

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