what is selenium testing

what is selenium testing

Selenium is an open source technology. it provides a portable software testing framework to software testers. Selenium published in 2004. Selenium functional testing tool has come a long way. selenium is a free testing tool in the software industry. it is available for all major platforms and works on major browsers.

Advantages of Learning Selenium

Learning Selenium is a wise option for who looking for a thriving career in the testing industry. selenium holds especially true for the software industry. it Can execute scripts on various operating systems. selenium Supports for mobile devices. it's Supports only web-based applications.

Selenium IDE(integrated development environment) IDE is a Firefox plugin, It is used for recording, creating, & enhancing scripts. Testers will be recording their actions. they want to follow the workflow what they won't need to test. IDE records scripts in a special scripting language called as Selenese. This language easier to provide commands for the tester the browser.

Selenium RC(Remote Control) RC was the flagship testing framework. It's allowed more than simple browser actions & linear execution. It allows writing an automated web application, UI tests with the help of programming languages. such as Java, C#, Perl, Python, and PHP. Selenium Testing WebDriver WebDriver is the successor to Selenium Remote Control. it sends commands to a browser and retrieves results. It interacts with the browser without any intermediary.

Selenium Grid:-It is a tool used to run parallel tests across different machines and different browsers. results minimized in execution time. A grid is accelerated the testing process across browsers and platforms. Selenium Grid has a Hub and a Node Hub - hub can also understand as a server. It acts as the central point where the tests will trigger. The grid has only one Hub and it's launched on a single machine once. Node - Nodes are the Selenium instances, it's attached to the Hub then execute the tests. it's can be one or more nodes in a grid it contains any of the Selenium supported browsers.