Use of Test Log in Testing With TestComplete

Test Log

TestComplete produces a full-detailed log of most actions. it executes through the test run. The test log supplies the test overview, passed, detailed information. Each test procedure, like the reasons of failed operations.

 Types of Test Log

  • About Test Log
  • Posting Emails, Images, and Documents to the Log
  • Test Log's Toolbar
  • Test Log Panels
  • Working WITH Test Results
  • Test Log Options

Use of Test Log in Testing With TestComplete

By default, the test log exposed at the end of the test run program. if the Show log on pause option allowed. TestComplete shows the short-term test log when the test paused. The open up logs of past test go from the Project Explorer panel. which lists all available logs for the currently opened project collection and jobs. The test log contains all relevant information about the test run. such as the test name, the beginning and ends time of the test run. the number of passed and failed test items. The total number of problems and warnings occurred. the results of every test operation and so forth. Logs incorporate images of the tested application, links to data files and entries Use of Test Log in Testing With TestComplete.

Posting Messages, Images, and Files to the Log

The information produced by TestComplete, post custom entries to the test log.

Test Log's Toolbar

Actions available via the toolbar of the Test Log window pane. the Test Log's Toolbar subject matter.

Test Log Panels

Test log information viewed in several sections and tabbed web pages.

Working With Test Results

Their operations capable of Test Log panel to analyze test outcomes and collaborate. The filter test results to display only the information enthusiastic or error messages. print test outcomes, export these to a data file, send them by e-mail or send those to an issue-tracking system.  TestComplete carries a feature that helps debug checks. if the test execution paused, and the Show sign on pause option allowed. TestComplete features the last subject matter put up to the test log. So do not have to scroll the test log to get the log messages placed to the test log paused the test execution.

Test Log Options

It options specific to check results, start to Test Log Options help the issue.