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Technology Trends and Business Opportunities for Solution

The business landscape is changing due to rapid technology changes. Innovation, technology and support life cycles are getting shortened; business use cases and application scenarios are changing swiftly due to globalization and technology integration. Companies have to be flexible to quickly adjust to these emerging developments and be nimble to reply to changing market dynamics. Emerging technology trends such as Software Defined everything, Object Storage, Flash, Cloud, Converged Infrastructure, Bring The Own Device, Net of Things, Big Data analytics etc. They are becoming more and more relevant with the emergence of multiple data streams. These impressive trends are transformational and are likely to form the future.  data science courses in hyderabad

1. Software identified everything

Software-defined everything will cause true interoperability standards, forcing individual technology suppliers to abandon working in silos with proprietary standards. Service providers can only offer value If they have the ability to offer all the matters of computing, storage, and network. Some of the opportunities for solution providers include:

  • Software Defined Storage
  • Supporting software-defined storage applications from leading storage vendors
  • Support these SDS products to extend them to other platforms and make them feature rich, permit integration With other ecosystems and so forth
  • Building test strategy, tools and frameworks and different kinds of tests opportunities
  • Software Defined Networking
  • Network orchestration and automation, deal with and implement SDN in enterprise data center

2. Flash

Flash technology will definitely show an uptick in the 3-5 year horizon. 1 has to stay committed to conditions of money, time. There might not be much of immediate progress in Flash adoption by businesses due to the beyond reach cost, stable legacy set up, evolving enterprise features. Therefore, most enterprises are still in the experimental period, but there are plenty of business opportunities. Data science training in  hyderabad The below trends represent some of the opportunities for solution/service providers:

  • Many flash players are start-ups and would like to keep core work under one building and outsource peripheral  activities
  • Immense product design opportunities will lie with the big industry players in the form of screening wherein they plan to move products from existing  legacy to all display based platforms
  • Expensive storage OEM's are consuming PCIe based cards, AHCI and NVMe interface and almost all of these solutions are targeted towards cloud service providers.
3. Object storage space

Enterprises are inspired by the Internet companies' adoption of object storage. With regard to the object, storage is powered by big data problems of storing and studying a huge amount of data to provide value to the business. Factors driving growth of thing storage space

  • amassed unstructured data
  • ease of accessibility via HTTP and SMTP protocols and REST APIs
  • growing trend of organizations building their private or hybrid confuses
  • software-defined storage (SDS) approach

A few of the opportunities for solution/service providers include:

  • Ongoing integration of new versions of OpenStack fast with existing storage products
  • Mergers and acquisitions happening in the thing storage industry, that may result in new product transactions by large storage vendors. This opens up product integration opportunities for service providers. 
4. OpenStack

OpenStack is moving beyond the early adoption as more and more businesses and companies are moving towards its adoption. Telecom space will drive growth for OpenStack.  Some opportunities for solution/service providers include:

  • Offer storage vendors to permit their storage for OpenStack
  • Help enterprises set up their OpenStack cloud, offer professional services
  • Large storage vendors are building platforms with OpenStack using proprietary underlying infrastructure. This opens up integration and automation opportunities. 
5. Server SAN

Server SAN is poised to disrupt traditional storage architectures over the next decade. It involves sharing and distributing safe-keeping across multiple nodes. It is an architecture that turns multiple direct-attached safe-keeping (DAS) devices. Some of the Server SAN solutions include EMC ScaleIO, VMware's VSAN, and Quantum StorNext. One needs to follow this trend and see which of the existing solution gains momentum and is likely to come out as a front runner. .