Tosca Test Automation


Tosca Test collection by Tricentis agile software test tool. It used to automate and to get rid of test cases and test management for software applications. TOSCA test tool situated upon LinearQ(sm) technique, right by design. The business Tricentis took under consideration many aspects before building the right product Tosca Test Automation.

Tosca Test Automation

Those aspects included Test script design, Test automation strategy, Test data design. its own generation and analytics. These aspects assist in extensive and a demanding screening of APIs. GUIs from a small business perspective. The technologies include Model structured test approach and Risk established test technique .

Model centered test Approach

The featured tool is automation tool due to its model structured technique. which a model of AUT (application under test) created scripts for test automation. the test script logic and test data saved and merged test case execution. The central model gets kept up to date as soon as any change experienced in the element of the application. This central model helps in taking ambiguity and large effort as all the test scripts. that are in charge to test the updated factor do not need recreating to represent the change .

Risk a structured test approach

the name implies employed to assess risk on test conditions. An assist in figuring out the right group of test scripts and the risk influenced by them. Various black test techniques such as Decision Pack, boundary screening, and combinatorial strategy. such as linear expansion is being used to reduce the test script count number. while making sure to improve the useful risk coverage. the test execution completed, instances created account specialized, useful, business and conformity collated. The dangers measured structured upon risk coverage Tosca Test Automation.

Key Features:
  1. Business powerful steering: The primary goal of TOSCA commander is to make the complete test active and not the insight data. The instances created using drag and drop feature. the after adding validations. The test conditions manufactured from dynamic nature aims. it providing a business established explanation for manual and automatic test cases. As a result of the test situations designed, recorded, automated. then managed by non-technical functional testers to 
  2. The TOSCA is the technology of dynamic, fabricated test data, programmed business steering. handling and executing of efficient and automated, GUI and CLI structured test cases.
  3. Test conditions prioritized and weighted based on their importance and criticality. this feature increases the reporting mechanism in depicting the impact of specialized requirements.
Supported platform
  1. Frameworks and coding languages: Java, Visual Basic, Delphi, .net including WPF
  2. Software Development Environment: PowerBuilder
  3. Web browsers: Firefox, Internet Explorer
  4. Host Applications: 3270, 5250.
  5. Program programs: Seibel, SAP.
  6. Single point application programs: MS View, MS excel
  7. Protocols and hardware: Webservices (SOAP), ODBC (Oracle driver), Flash. 
The existing version of TOSCA Commander in the market is 12.2. The Tosca test collection comprises of :
  1. Tosca commander
  2.  Executor Tosca
  3.  Xscan (Tosca wizard)
  4. Test Repository