These conducting tools are from software testing. It will explain as the product agreed one or more activities on test. The required from planning, creating a build. Need, test execution, defect logging and test analysis. These TESTING TOOLS classified into different parameters. They are
· The technology used
· The Activities that supported within the tool
· The Type/level of testing it supports
· The purpose of the tool
· The Kind of licensing (open source, freeware, commercial)


It is an activity.  SOFTWARE TESTING  is combination of manual testing and automation testing. Which is calculating the difference between actual results and the expected results? To secure the software system is free defect. It entered into the system component or software component successful process. And to describe the interesting one or more properties. It is useful identify the errors. Missing requirements or gaps in actual performance contrary.
Types of Software Testing:
Testing tools classified into 3 categories. They are
· Functional testing
· Non-Functional testing
· Regression and Maintenance


Manual testing used to identify the bugs and defects in software programming. In this programming tester acts as a main role. To verify the features and applications working is doing or not. The tester completed the program or test cases using without any automation tools.
Automation testing is also known as test automation. Software has tested the product the process. Involves in the manual process automation. When the tester writes the scripts and uses software. This software programming used to replay the test scheme. That the performance will repeated and .
Unit testing used to developing or coding the software applications. Verify the correctness of testing and isolate a section code are the goal of the unit testing. Individual function or procedural function are the main function in unit testing procedural. It performed by the developer. The main goal of unit testing is to divide the each part . And to calculate the individual parts performances.
Individual software modules combined tested and as a group in the integrated testing. Some difficult programming languages are having many software programming modules. These coded by various programs. Integrated testing used to refer the data communications with these different modules. Those modules are "I & T, String testing, and Thread testing".
This system testing related to complete integrated software product. Software is one of the large and important elements in computer based system. At last system testing mixed of other software or hardware systems. The main purpose of the system testing is to do task . Different test full computer based testing system.


This is the most confusing and misunderstood topic in software testing. We have learned huge amount of literature on this topic. But the learners confused.
This type of testing used to conformation on the recent programs or coded programs. How much affects these programs on existing features. Which is also defined as the existing functionalities . They are re-executed by the partial software testing selection?