Now a days it is very popular and fast growing Business intelligence. and data visualisation tool. Tableau is an interactive reporting, business intelligence, dynamic. And data visualisation software tool generated by software. It is fast to expand, very emotional to customer use and easy to learn. Contestants are very easy to study and understand. Here it is a path. This is very useful to learners.

Tableau software:

This software is very easy to learn and easy to understand the data to contestants. It provides in business intelligence is to change different new approach. Tableau software builds and public dashboards and share them with parents, colleagues, and friends. It is not required for programming skills to customers visualisation. Share data with seamless experience and connected to the PC to iPod. This software is and use for analysis forecasting and predicting the data. Contestants used to find the answers in data. By using the other software applications. chat and graphs used to interactive visualisations. In business Intelligence and analytical platform. This has identified the Gartner, magic Quadrant leader.

Evaluation of tableau:

Evaluating tableau has strengths and weaknesses. They are
· ease to use
· growing market
· Speed
· Easy publishing and sharing
· beautiful and interactive dash board
· No predictive analytical capabilities
· Not comprehensive solution, specialize in BI
·Expandability for analytics
·Social media integration.
· Customization and Integration with other apps
Tableau Server:
It works related to companies data storage and security protocols. This  promotes browser based analytics and powerful mobile service. It is an enterprise platform of class business. That gets thousands of contestants. The protocols are
· Is secure
· Supports High Availability
· Scales out: Is multi-process enabled
· Scales up: Is multi-threaded
· Provides integrated clustering
· Runs on both physical and Virtual Machines
Data source in tableau:
There are many ways to connect data source with tableau. In this we have to connect with basics and types of advanced connection.
Basic Connection
We have to detailed study about our data, then it is connected to one or more data sources. Here the data source is easy . Like elaborate SQL server or Oracle data ware houses and as excel sheet or excel workbook.
Supported Data Sources
Many data sources are supported to  like SQL databases and multi dimensional databases etc...
Data source connection:
· You must connect data source with tableau and then analyses your data.
· After Data dialog box is connect to another supported data source.
· Then also select connect the data option to the start page