Software Development Life Cycle

Software Development Life Cycle is use to develop, design. To test quality of the software in any industry. This is the process of all industries. The SDLC goal is to perform the high quality software produce. Its meets or increase the expectations of the customer or consumer. It will be available on low cost to reach the goal.
· In software development process SDLC is the one of the composition.
· It is also known as the Software Development Process.
· The plan of the Software Development Life Cycle used to explain the performance of the tasks. In each step to developing the Software Development.
· In SDLC ISO/IEC 12207 is the international standard in SDLC process. Its aim is to be the standard on the international. And is the way to maintain or developing the standards of tasks. By the Software Development Life Cycle.

What Is SDLC

In software organisations used the software Development process to the Software projects. In this project they have to explain the every point. How to maintain, develop, replace, and alter or build up the particular software. The life cycle process used to improve or exceeds the quality of the software. Developing the process in the Organisation. Here we have to know the What is SDLC. And its Stages.

Different typical Life cycle stages given below in SDLC:

· Planning
· Defining
· Designing
· Building
· Testing
· Deployment
Analysis of Planning 
Planning Analysis is the one of the important. And fundamental topic in Software Development Life Cycle. It used to perform or checked by the senior managers team. By the testing the customers inputs in the various departments. They are a marketing department, Sales Department, and domain expert departments in any industry. This information is gathering to produce the basic projects. To plan the basic projects to gain the standards. And it used to utility to study and take decisions in the operational, , and technical areas.
Defining Requirements
Designing Requirements done after completing the Planning and requiring process. In this step we have to define the clear vision of the product requirements. After that we have to get that clear vision. Becoming approval by the consumer or customers and the market analysts. This analysis done by the SRS. It means that Software Specification. This document has the complete information. That is to designing the product or developing the product. When was the project life cycle process done.
The Product Architecture Designing
In product architecture designed to develop the product. SRS is helps to designing the architecture that the product outcomes will be grant. In SRS the requirements specified and if the one design has specified. The product or more than one design has specified. Then we have to propose the document. That is DDS- Design Document Specification.
Building or Developing the Product
In SDLC this stage has viewed as the actual development. It will start with the product build performance. In this stage has been being processed the DDS programming Language code activated. This Design has been performing the detailed expression. Of the code generation, organized manner. It can be complete the designing by without difficulties.
Testing the Product
In modern SDLC models, this stage is one of the stages in all stages. In every stage of SDLC the testing activities of testing models involved. This stage has been testing the products stages. Here the product faults reported, retested, fixed, and tracked. The product will be gain the quality standard.  
Deployment in the market and its maintenance
By testing the above stages the product will be deployed. The product will be launched in the market. Sometimes product launching related to the business strategy. It is depending on the organization. Some organization launched the product in limited segments. It is depending on the real business world.