It is main purpose for testing and automate the web applications. It is not limited. Some of the broad web browsers publishers use on take steps for make it native part. This is the core technology in other browsers framework, automation tools and APIs. In web applications software testing framework is portable for it. In test scripting language SELENIUM provides a playback tool. It is no need for learning the script. If you write any tests it is offers test domain language. It contains the courses Scale, Ruby, Python, Groovy, Java, Perl, and PHP. These language set up Windows, Linux and micros platform. Without charge we can download and use it. Under Apache 2.0 License open source software released.


our topic used for web applications. In this programming language it used for automatic interact with the web browser to do any task. In this SELENIUM WEB DRIVER we discuss about the tools and features. Using  Firebug and IDE we can build a few scripts. These scripts moved and locating the strategies. Into the different type of web elements.


-Google Chrome
- Mozilla Firefox
- Html Unit
- Android Drive
- Internet Explorer


1. Web Driver:
It is very useful for Selenium. Commends are send to the browser and agreed by this. Browser-Specific driver achieved by this content. Commands are sending to a Browsers and gets results. Most of programming applications are launch and access by the browser drives. It is  known as HTML Unit browser. the driver encouraged to browse using HMTL Unit.
2. IDE:
It is complete information about integrated development environment for testing the tests. It extended through Add on Firefox and let on editing recording and testing on debugging. Recorder known as Selenium IDE. Selenium IDE is suitable with Selenium RC and it is little maintain and put down.
3. client API:
In different programming language can written in  tests an alternative written tests. This is discuss with Selenium in different methods. our programming language offers programming languages are Python, Java, Ruby, Java script and C++.
4. Remote Control:
It is also called as Selenium RC. Which agreed the commands in HTTP. It written in Java. Automated test written in web applications programming language by using RC. It is very useful for promoting Selenium Unit test frameworks.
5.  Grid:
It is a web server. Selenium grid used for remote machine running and it agreed for tests in web browser. One web server act as a hub. To know about the access on browser instance tests contact the hub. Hub has a list of web servers that provides browser instance used as tests and access.
Some programming languages are given below:
· Java
· C++
· Pearl
· Python
· Ruby
-It is not supported to extend the functionality and features.
-Not important for start executing scripts to start server prior.
-Testing on iPhone and android servers is support to add.
-Extracting the objectives is big problem. It is get to extract the object bulk.
-AJAX- based, Drag and Drop, and page navigation based UI elements used to support the features.
-Coordinates of any objects we can find through the web driver.
-Web driver can coordinate with testing frame work like Testing and J unit.
-It offers and improves reliability between browsers.
- Implementation of listeners is most important feature.