Selenium Test using NUnit Framework

What is NUnit Framework?

NUnit is a unit testing platform for performing unit testing based on the .NET platform. It is a trusted tool for unit testing and is preferred by many designers today selenium training in Hyderabad.

Selenium Test using NUnit Framework

NUnit absolved to use. NUnit does not create any test scripts alone. write test scripts on own, but NUnit gives to work with its tools and classes to make product trials easier. The details to keep in mind about NUnit are listed below:

  • NUnit is no automated GUI testing tool.
  • It is not a scripting dialect, all tests written in .NET backed languages, e.g., C#, VC, VB.NET, J#, etc.

What is NUnit Adapter?

The NUnit Test Adapter gives you to run NUnit testing inside Visual Studio. Steps to Download and Install NUnit Construction using the NuGet Deals? 1) Go to Recommendations >> Manage Nuget Plans... from the answer Explorer window from the right side. 2) Type Nunit in the Search pack. This will need few seconds to find the right tool. Locate (seek out) NUnit in the center panel and showcase it by selecting it and Click Install.

Steps to Download and Install NUnit Adapter using the Extension Manager?

1) From within Visual Studio, go to Tools >> Extensions and Posts. 2) Seek out NUnit Test Adapter as soon as found select Install button.

How to choose between Expansion and NuGet package

The Extension will apply to Visual Studio room itself and can work with all projects you use. All users of your solution need to set up the Extension. The Deal will apply to the solution and can work for any other end user too, as it follows the solution.

Steps to Create a NUnit Test

The very first thing need to do is to make a new course and write test code in that. 1) Right Click on the Project in the Solution Explorer and choose Add >> Class. 2) Give your Course name 'NUnitTest' and select Finish button. This will bring up a sugary class creation window. 3) Write the selenium code for the next steps

  • Take up a FireFox Browser
  • Start Website in the web browser started out by Selenium
  • Close the Browser

4) Separate the code into three different parts:

  • Take up a FireFox Browser: Initialize
  • Start Website in the internet browser began by Selenium: OpenTestApp
  • Close the Web browser: EndTest

5) Now Build the solution again by doing Build >> Build Solution. 6) Now use NUnit Annotations to specify your test. Use [SetUp], [Test] & [TearDown] for the three methods created above for every single action. And again run the Build 7) It's enough time to run the NUnit test. To perform the test, Right Click in the Code window and choose Run Tests.

Steps to make a New Package

Now we are moving to learning Selenium. We are doing a lot of practice for Selenium Code. so it makes sense to create a different package for all the Selenium Test. To achieve that, we need to create a fresh folder into the project solution. 1) Right Click on the Project and select Add >> New Folder and name it Selenium Basics.

Selenium Test using NUnit Framework

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