Introduction to LoadRunner Architecture

LoadRunner is a Performance Testing tool. LoadRunner is an industry-driving execution and load testing item by Hewlett-Packard. The system behavior and performance, while generating the actual load.

 Selenium LoadRunner 

LoadRunner supports various development tools, technologies and communication protocols. This tool supports a large number of protocols to conduct performance testing 
 LoadRunner is not a pioneer tool in Performance Testing. But, it is yet the market pioneer in the Performance testing worldview. LoadRunner has about 85% market share in Performance Testing industry.
Rich Internet Applications, Web 2.0, Mobile, SAP, Oracle Citrix, RTE, Mail and Windows Socket. There is no competitor tool in the market. which offer a wide variety of protocols vested in the single tool.

 LoadRunner Performance Testing

 The convincing to pick LoadRunner for performance testing credibility of this tool. LoadRunner has long established reputation find clients cross verifying performance benchmarks using LoadRunner. The relief using LoadRunner for performance testing needs.
 LoadRunner integrated with other HP Tools. Useful Test and Application Lifecycle Management perform end to end Testing Processes.
 LoadRunner works on a principal of simulating Virtual Users on the subject application. These Virtual Users termed as VUsers. The replicate client's requests and expect the corresponding response to passing a transaction.


 Loadrunner has three components.
1.VuGen (Virtual user generator)  
2.Controller (License based component)
apart from these components, there are other components like LoadRunner Agent process.
 The purpose of Vugen is to create scripts for the single user. The required enhancements to the script in a such a way run for many users.
 Virtual User Generator is an IDE or a rich coding editor. VUGen used to replicate System Load behavior. VUGen provides a "recording" feature. Which records correspondence to and from customer and Server in the type of a coded script. It called VUser script.
 The purpose of the Controller is to Run the load test and check the servers during load test execution. In LoadRunner language create scenarios and the run the LoadRunner controller scenario. The Controller installed in a client environment machine. Which configured with LoadRunner license for a defined number of users. Performance engineers to connect to this machine to run the load test. the client has many projects and many performance engineer resources. the client may set up many controllers with many licenses.
The analysis used to Analyze the results and create graphs. The reports to present the performance test report to stakeholders.
 the execution, Controller creates a dump of results in raw form & contains information. The form of LoadRunner made outcomes dump and arrangements.
All the errors and exceptions logged in a Microsoft access database, named, output.mdb. this database document to perform different sorts of investigation and produces diagrams.