Selenium IDE

Selenium IDE:

Selenium IDE implemented for Selenium scripts. It development by the debug tests, Firefox extensions, edit, and allows you to record. It enter you to learn and record immediately. That Selenium IDE will run in the actual environmental playback.
It integrated development environment. It is not only recording tool. If you choose these  by using recording capability or you can edit your script by hand. It supported by they automatic complete. Selenium tests are creating by an ideal environment. 

Selenium IDE Features:

· Walk through tests
· Easy playback and record
· Set breakpoint and Debug
· Selenium commands are auto complete.
· It supported to the selenium users and extensions.
· The section of intelligent field may use the IDS, names, or X path has added.
· The tests saved in HTML, Python, C+,RUBY and any other format.
· In every page title has been set .
· New in plug-ins by the customizations.

Selenium IDE Toolbar elements:

If you are using the selenium IDE is the first time. Then you have to know about the selenium IDE Toolbar elements . Understand that operating selenium IDE. Selenium IDE functions and the different elements in software testing explained in below
Speed Controller :
Speed controller used to control our test case runs speed in the Selenium IDE. If you want run fast in the test case then you have to set that in the fast. If you have to run slow in the test case then you have to set in test in slow.
Run All Button :
Run all button used in the selenium IDE for run all the tests at a time. If you have to plan 5 test cases for software web applications. And they saved at file as one test. After we are trying to run the test then all 5 sets of test cases run at a time by press the run all button.
Run Button :
Above run all button used for run all the test cases at a time. But in this run button used for run the test cases run one by one test case in Selenium IDE.
Pause/Resume Button :
Pause button used for if the test case is running. Then we have to pause and the the test case is in pause and it is restarting by using the pause/resume button.
Step Button :
Step button used to command the run test case run by one by one in selenium IDE software testing tools. If suppose you have to run the test case. It is being pause and remaining cases would started one by one test case then we have to use step button.
Click to Record/ Stop Recording Button :
Record button used to record the web application software in the browsers navigation. And reusing the test script creation. In this testing we have to stop recording button used.
Command Table :
It shows the recorded commands. If you have to change or rename the command or insert the command in-between. In command use three elements. They are
Command: It explains the name of the command.
Target : It describes the column target element id, X path or name.
Value : it explains the value of the column.