Selenium Automation Testing

Selenium Automation Source Performance Testing

 It is open source, portable, software testing software, possessed by the Apache Software Basis. the same possession that has blueprinted JMeter tool Selenium Automation Testing.

Selenium Automation Testing

It considered one of the easy and simple utilities. the users to track record and write test results without the particular programming language. it facilitates the testers to get reports in programming scripts, like C#, JAVA, PHP, Ruby.


The selenium automation energy installed popular os's, including Windows, Macintosh, and Linux. Benefits of Deploying Selenium Automation Testing It is an available source performance trials software. That downloaded from the web and deployed. Since tests the functionality of website, application. the web-based program has very important these days. the operation of free-to-use assessment tools has become regular. The subsections among the better perks of executing.

Highly Flexible -

Selenium is a very flexible, portable structure. The add functionalities test instances and construction. change the tool corresponding to assembling the project, pretty. This not needs any special training, or even to strive hard to perform the test. Its advanced interface courses in this. Cost-free -  The earlier, Selenium is an open source, absolve to use software tests tool. which is often downloaded from the internet. the fact ownership protection under the law are with ASF, still, do not need to get its permit or key to use it. Since free of cost, it reduces the final service charges.

Compatibility -

Being a flexible utility, it runs on, as mentioned, windows, Linux, and Macintosh. The different web browsers as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, and Opera. it allows you to interpret reports in many languages. It requires very fewer initiatives in report generation. Multiple Test Environments - Selenium allows the testers to use a selection of IDEs, Integrated Development Surroundings. such as Eclipse, Netbeans, and Visible Studio, and much more selenium training in hyderabad.  it's ready GUIs and advanced functions. the testers can make use of it for continuous integration.

Components of Selenium Application

Selenium IDE - It is a very useful environment, that added to a Firefox browser as an Add-On. The IDE allows the testers to track record, edit and debug the test instances and reports selenium training in Hyderabad. Selenium Customer API - The features let the testers to create lab tests in many development languages. Selenium RC -    It is HANDY REMOTE CONTROL is a JAVA server test written in the programming language. Selenium WD - This is the advanced version of RC, which sends the test codes to an internet browser.