RPA Interview Questions:-


1.What is difference between error and exception?
Errors are those occur at development time and exceptions. Are unforeseen errors which occur at run time.
2.hat are two major types of exception?
All the exceptions in blue prism categorised under two types. Business exception and System exception.
3.How do you handle an exception?
In blue prism we handle exception with the help of recover and resume stage.
4.What is the role of recover stage and resume stage?
Recover stage catches an exception and Resume stage neutralises exception.
5.What is recovery mode?
Path between recover stage and resume stage called as recovery mode. Recovery mode used to handle an exception.
6.What is exception preserving?
Exception preserving used to re throw an exception to upper pages. To preserve an exception we need to check preserve type and detail of current exception. The check box in the property window of exception stage.
7.What is exception bubbling?
The way in which exception moves upwards through the layers. Of a solution known as exception bubbling. Exception moves towards main pages when it unhandled in lower pages or actions.
8.How many recover and resume stages required to handle all exception in a page?
Only one resume and recovery stage is enough to handle all exceptions on a page.
9.What are exception blocks and why they used
Exception blocks used to isolate an area of exception handling. With the help of exception blocks we can use two or more recover and resume stages in a page.
10.What is use of exception stage?
Exception stage used to throw an exception to recover stage.

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