Podcasts on Python

Python Podcasts

The Python community produces the wealth of free. The low-cost resources both new and experienced software designers. These resources include several  Podcasts on Python that released on a normal schedule.

Favorite podcast episodes

 The list of favorite shows from various Python podcasts. we dive into entire podcast recommendations in the next section. these shows to get various personalities and styles in Podcasts on Python demonstration.

  • SQLAlchemy and data access in Python helped much-needed context and understanding. the object-relational mapping collection SQLAlchemy developed. This episode interviews SQLAlchemy's creator. Th variety, Michael Kennedy, questions based on research and preceding use of SQLAlchemy.
  • Deploying Python Web Applications. Spoiler alert: this is on Conversation Python explaining Python web program deployments work.

Python-specific podcasts

  • Talk Python to Me focuses on the folks and organizations coding on Python. Each event includes a different guest interviewee to discuss his / her work.
  • Podcast.__init__ It is another regular podcast. that displays reports about Python and interviews "with the people who make it great".
  • Test and Code Podcast targets trials and related issues such as mocking and code metrics.
  • Python Bytes is a new podcast from the makers of mentioned "Talk Python to Me" and "Ensure that you Code Podcast".
  • That is an occasional podcast from Ken Reitz. Alex Gaynor with very in-depth interviews with important Python community customers Podcasts on Python.

Standard software development podcasts

  • Embedded.fm
  • The Changelog
  • Full Stack Radio

  The exponent is not a software development podcast. it includes the intersection of commercial strategy and technology within an in-depth way. which allows me to better understand the decisions businesses building and releasing software.