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What are BigData Analysis

  the social media websites, sensors, devices, video/audio, networks, log files, and the web. It generates in real time and on a very large scale. It is the process of a large amount of different data types. Big data to uncover hidden patterns, unknown correlations, and other useful information.      

Advantages of BigData Analysis

    This allows market analysis, researchers and business users to develop data. The Business users are able to make the analysis of the data. The key indicators from this analysis can mean fortunes for the business.     The users visit the many sites. Like, browse travel portals, shopping sites, search flights, hotels add to the cart. Then Ad Targeting companies can analyze a wide variety of data and activities. The user discounts and deals based on the user browsing history and product history.       In telecommunication, customers are moving from one service provider to another service provider. Then analyze call data records of the issues faced by the customers. Issues as wide-ranging the call drops or some network connection problems. Based on these issues, it identified a telecom company needs to place a new tower in a particular urban area. If receive the marketing strategy for a particular region as a new player has come to there.    

Case Study – Stock market data

  Now let’s look at a case study of Analyzing Stock Market Data. We check several of big data technologies to analyze the stock market. The New York Stock Exchange market calculates stock data. The both of storage and process data problems related to the huge volume of data.  


  It is a financial term. That represents stocks or financial instruments move together apart from each other. The investors have an opportunity of different investment sectors to risk profile. It is a statistical measure of investment measures in relation to with each other.   A positive covariance means returns moved together. If investment trends or stocks tend to be up or down during the same time periods.   A negative covariance means returns move. If investment trends to be up or otherwise, is down.   This will help a stockbroker to explain stocks to his customers.  


    The dataset provide is a comma separated file. That contains the stock information files. Like Stock opening price, Stock highest price, Stock low price.   The dataset provide is a small dataset having around 3500 records. The stock production environment running into GBs or TBs.    

Online Hadoop Training in Hyderabad

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