Microsoft SQL servers are all seems as same at first time. First time it is confused. But Microsoft SQL server is easy to understand As much you try to get grip on this servers and what type of servers involved. We have to prefer the layman’s guide to learn and know about the components of the server. They are management studio, analysis service, integration service,and reporting service.

Knowing about SQL server ( SS ): SQL Server includes two parts. They are server and client. SERVER: Server is the database. In this we have to store the information as much as you want. Microsoft SQL Server means it is a library.  We have to know if the server has no database then it will not work any where. Database is necessary to run the service. In your organisation have it, then don’t worry about the database. But if you work in your laptop then you are worry about the server. SQL server database helps to run the application when you have the database. CLIENT:  The another part of SQL server is client. It is also known as SQL Server Management Studio(SSMS). In SQL queries, stored procedures and views it is very fantastic word to place the clients. SQL may be refers as the librarian, and it is database to request to ask various bits of information.


Three different Types of SQL Servers we have. They are

Analysis Services:

This is also known as SQL Server Analysis Service (SSAS). The Analysis Server data  can be seen in different ways. If our day may like as Rubik’s cube it is like as to show the results in different ways. Same as the SQL Server Analysis Server also may view the results as different ways and different angles. Excel pivot table on steroids may be using in SSAS also. SSAS has its own language that is MDX.

Integration Service:

This is also known as SQL Server Integration Service(SSIS). Integration Data may as transformation data. Te data outlook can be seen in DTS or Data Transformation Service. It is in previous views. If you want to passed the data from Excel spreadsheet to database. In the process  the data name will be change after you will passed the data. This process will done by the tool SSIS.

Reporting Services:

This is known as SQL Server Reporting Service (SSRS). If you publish your building reports by using database, matrices or chats, typically containing tables to the server. Subscription of reports are also may build to data. By specifying the schedule they are automatically chosen the people. SSRS reports are same or like as Microsoft Access reports. But it is easy to write and more powerful. So these are the main components in SQL Server.