It is a computer programming language for the general purpose. This technology is getting a good image. By using the consumer's devices related to high-level companies by developing applications. consumers need JAVA BASICS to learn about java.
Basic Java operators:
Java offers some operators to change variables. They are given below:
Arithmetic Operators
Logical Operators
Relational Operators
Assignment Operators
Bitwise Operators
Bitwise Operators


 Language, tools and Platform these three are JAVA FUNDAMENTALS.
Java Language:
It is general purpose programming language. It should used to improve software for electronic or mobile devices. And also games, browser run apps, desktop applications and scientific applications.
Java Tools:
These tools used to develop day to day applications. Java compiler is including this. At same time different other applications also used.
Java Platform:
Java includes java virtual machine. Set of libraries and hardware abstraction is the responsibility of java platform. This gives java has a good foundation.

Java language features:

  • Object oriented
  • High-performance multi-threaded
  • Scalable
  • Secure and robust
  • Simple yet feature-full
  • Portable
  • Interpreted
  • Distributed
  • Dynamic
Java has its own programming language , structure, paradigm, and syntax rules. Java programming language paradigm is depends upon OOP concept. The language supports the features. It is a derivative of C language. So this syntax rule related to C language. They are
Basic Syntax
Case Sensitivity
Class Names
Method Names
Program File Name
public static void main
Java Modifiers:
By using modifier the classes and methods are possible to change. Same as other language.
There are two different modifiers-
Access Modifiers − default, protected, public, private.
Non-access Modifiers − final, strict, abstract.
Java Variables:
There are three variables in java, they are
Class Variables (Static Variables)
Instance Variables (Non-static Variables)
Local Variables
Java Arrays:
Arrays are also known as objects. That the same type of many variables stored. Itself an array in the heap of the object. How to know about declare, initialize and construct.
Basic data types:
Values stored in a reserved memory location. Reserved memory locations are not about variables. It means that you have to build any variable then you will save or reserved some space in a memory location.
Operating systems used to decide to where the memory stored. It decided based on the data type variable.
Java has two different data types. They are
Primitive Data Types
Reference/Object Data Types