Introduction of Manual Testing

What is Manual testing?

Manual Testing is a process to find the defects. The testers play an important role as an end user and verify all features of the application. The ensure that the behavior of the application. The Manual Testing is the very basic type of testing. This helps to find the bugs in the application under test. It is preliminary testing, must carry out before start automating.

Selenium Manual Testing Training in Hyderabad

The test cases and also need to check the feasibility of automation testing. The Test plan creates & follows by the tester to the comprehensiveness of testing. The automation testing tool using without executing test cases In Selenium. It is not necessary to the knowledge of any testing tool for manual software testing. The Software testing fundamental always 100% Automation is not possible. So the Manual Testing is very important For Selenium.

Goal of Manual Testing

The Goal of Manual Testing to make an application under test is defect free. The software application is working as per the specification document Using Selenium. This type includes the testing of the Software manual. Without using any automated tool or any script. In this type, tester takes over the role of the end user. Test the Software to identify any unexpected behavior or bug. There are different stages of Manual Testing. Like Unit testing, Integration tests, System tests, and User Acceptance testing. A test plan document created by test lead. This describes the detailed and systematic approach to testing a software application. The test plan includes a complete understanding of the ultimate workflow. To ensure the completeness of testing test cases or test scenarios created. Manual Testing includes exploratory testing as testers explore the software to identify errors. After the testing started the designed test cases or test scenarios execute. Any differences between actual & expected results reported as defects. Once the reported defects are fixed. The testers will retest the defect to make sure that the defects fixed. The goals of testing are defect free & deliver quality Product to the customer.