Python is a computer programming language. It is very easy to learn.  you may search for the easy way to HOW TO LEARN PYTHON in browsing system. Python is an easy code programming language. The list of resources to get information about the python. It might be useful to everyone. For correct information about python, your first part is online documentation. It gives and fair basic information about the python.
Many libraries are providing the books for a full description in python syntax. Language references books give more explanation about the python. If you are waiting to get common python patterns and recipes. You may browse the Active state python Cookbook. We know you are looking for how to get started, how to learn python and why to learn python. In any programming language usually, an experienced programming language may choose python immediately. It is very easy to learn.


Python is the high-level computer programming language. It used for general purpose programming. Who is trying to learn the computer programming language for the first time? It is a simple way and easy way to learn in perfect. This is complete information about python. WHAT IS PYTHON How to learn, why to learn and how to get python started. This will help to do work the other programming languages. Python interesting language. It was designed to maintain syntax and code of readability. It is easier to explain the concept in fewer lines the code of languages. They are Java or C++. It offers that clear the programming languages both large scale and small scale. Features of python have automatic memory management and dynamic type system. It supports the model of many programming languages. They are functional, object-oriented, imperative and procedural. It has a complete standard library

Importance of Python Programming

1. Python is Beginner's Language
2. Python is Object-Oriented
3. Easy-to-maintain
4. Python is Interactive
5. GUI Programming
6. Interactive Mode
7. Python was Interpreted
8. A Broad Standard Library
9. Extendable
10. Portable
11. Scalable

Applications for Python

-Software development
-Web and internet development
-Scientific and numeric
-Desktop GUIs
-Business applications.
How to use Python in the real world:
· Most servers used pre-established programming language.
· On every Mac. Python comes pre-establishment.
· It is set as in hardware so it is a small footprint.
· It is simple language and easy to learn. So many peoples are being used it in a hobby or maybe it has a small thing in server automation.
· Python has so many great libraries for creating web applications. They are Django, Flask, and Pyramid.
· There are some used python websites. They are NASA, PBS, Mozilla, Reddit, and DISQUS.
· Python has a library which called Py-game. Which used for development and Pro-typing.
· It is famous in the film industry. Python is popular in both Disney and Lucas film. The popular 3D applications Maya supports Python.
· Python can build desktop applications. A desktop application "Tinder" will be built by Python.
· Even scientific computing applications using python. Some python libraries dedicated to specific areas in science.