Different types of Statistics


In statistics there are two main methods to use to calculate the statistics in data analysis. They are descriptive statistics and inferential statistics. In descriptive statistics which is using the simple indexes to outline the data . like as the measure of central tendency and measure of dispersion. In inferential statistics which used to draw. There are Different types of Statistics we have.  The development of the data subject in random variations.


Descriptive Statistics

It used to explain the basics of the data to study. The sample and the measures used to offer to develop the data. The sample and the graphic measures used to analyse the data. The quantitative analysis of the data used to basis the formation. In this Descriptive Statistics to explain the measure of central tendency. And the measure of the speed.

Measure of central Tendency

In this distribution the general shape of this data plotting frequency. That shows the shapes and the sense to check the number of bunched. Different types of statistics used to perform the data in central of distribution. These statistics referred as the measure of central tendency. mean , median, more used to calculate the data in measure of central tendency.
Mean is the one of the most and used the central tendency. It used manage in mathematical form. They used to describe the average of the distribution. It is equal as the SX/N. We have to explain that is the sum of the score distribution. It divided it into the sum of the total number score. In this distribution mean is the balanced point. If we subtract the each value in this distribution. The sum of all these deviations and the result will be zero.
The score of the median divides the distribution into the fractions. In this score the half of the score in the above and half of the score in below. This data will be form in the numerical order. It is also known as the score. To calculate the median my using the formula (N+1)/2. Here N means sum of the total number or odd number. The result of the formula can be integer. It may refers as the numerical value. It ordered distribution can located in the median.
Mode is also one of the most important distribution to calculate the data. It used to calculate the more frequent or common score distribution to define in simple. The value of the mode corresponding to distribute the highest point in X value. Highest frequency can shared by more than the one value. This type of distribution known as the multi model .