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Components and Various Development Tools of Java Application Programming

Java is a popular programming language. It involves various syn taxes from C and C++ languages. But compared to C and C++ languages, it is simpler and advanced. It is an object model and has low level facilities for the users. It makes the users easier to understand and  use Different Java Tools.

Different Java Tools 

Java Application Programming developed by James Gosling in the year 1995. Later handled by sun Micro-systems. At present called as Oracle Corporations. Java Virtual Machine or JVM needed to run Java applications. These applications are then compiled to class file format.  Java works on the principle of WORA which means “Write Once Run Anywhere”.  Which means it is platform independent and can run on any platform. It means one can write the code of the program once and one can use it on other destination too. One need not write the code again and again every time. Java is not only a programming language but also object oriented programming language. Java is a software platform. It lets the application developers to use this simple language. It used instead of complicated languages like C and C++. But there is a major disadvantage in using this Java Application. It is programs written in Java are slower. It needs more memory for storage than the programs written in C language. For this reason, sun Micro-systems have worked on Java technologies. Java worked under the specifications of Java community process. It has achieved remarkable success in introducing in time compilation model. It used to run these applications. New features added to this language java. Like inner classes, optional assertions and String buffer class. Java has compilers in it. This processes the basic functions whenever an application developer writes a code. To run a particular Java Application Programming code. For faster speed a company names Systronix has developed a micro-controller called jStik. There are various components of standard edition for Java Application Programming language. It uses multi tier architecture for database connectivity. It uses XMl files to store data and for writing codes.

Components of  Java  

  • Development tools and APIs as Java compiler, Java debugger, Javadoc and JPDA.
  • Deployment technologies could have sub-parts like Java web-start and Java plug-in.
  • User interface tool kits are swing, AWT, sound, input methods, java 2D and accessibility.
  • Integration APIs are RMI, JDBC, JNDI, and CORBA.
  • Core APIs are XML, logging, beans, Locale support, Preferences, Collections, and Security.
  • Java virtual machines are of three types. Those are Java hotspot client compiler, Java hotspot server complier and Java hotspot VM runtime.

The various Java platforms are:

  • Solaris
  • Linux
  • Windows
  • And others.

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