1. How can you clone a Git repository via Jenkins? 

A. First, we must enter the e-mail and user name for your Jenkins system, then switch into your job directory and execute the “git config” command.

2. What’s the use of Ansible? 

A. Ansible is mainly used in IT infrastructure to manage or deploy applications to remote nodes. Let’s say we want to deploy one application in 100’s of nodes by just executing one command, then Ansible is the one actually coming into the picture but should have some knowledge on Ansible script to understand or execute the same.

3. Can we consider DevOps as Agile methodology? 

A. Yes, we can!! The only difference between agile methodology and DevOps is that, agile methodology is implemented only for development section and DevOps implements agility on both development as well as operations section.

4. What is sudo command in linux? 

A. Sudo(superuser do) is a utility for UNIX- and Linux-based systems that provides an efficient way to give specific users permission to use specific system commands at the root (most powerful) level of the system.

5. What is a Jenkins Pipeline? 

A. Jenkins Pipeline is a suite of plugins which helps in implementing and integrating continuous delivery.

6. How to stop and restart the Docker container? 

A. To stop the container: docker stop  

   To restart the container: docker restart

7. What is Scrum? 

A. Scrum is basically used to divide your complex software and product development task into smaller chunks, using iterations and incremental practises. Each iteration is of two weeks. These incremental iterations are called as SPRINTS.

8. What is ‘Staging Area’ or ‘Index’ in GIT? 

A. Before committing a file, it must be formatted and reviewed in an intermediate area known as ‘Staging Area’ or ‘Indexing Area’. 

#git add


#git add .  /* This has to be from current code directory*/

9. How can I integrate all the tools with Jenkins? 

A. I have to navigate to the manage Jenkins and then global tool configurations there you have to provide all the details such as Git URL , Java version, Maven version , Path etc.

10. My application is not coming up for some reason? How can you bring it up? 


Below are some debugging steps: 

• Check Network connection 

• Check whether the Web Server is receiving users’s request or not.

• Check the logs 

• Check the process id’s whether services are running or not 

• Check the Application Server is receiving user’s request or not.

11. How can I modify the commit message in git? 

A. Use following command and enter the required message. 

Git commit –amend

12. How you will take backup for Jenkins? 

A. Copy JENKINS_HOME directory and “jobs” directory to replicate it in another server.

13. How to deploy docker container to aws? 

A. Amazon provides the service called Amazon Elastic Container Service(ECS); By using this creating and configuring the task definition and services we will launch the applications.

14. What is the roles and responsibilities of the DevOps engineer? 

A. DevOps Engineer manages with developers including the IT system to manage the code releases. They are both developers cases become interested in deployment including practice settings or sysadmins who convert a passion for scripting and coding more move toward the development front where all can improve that planning from test and deployment.

15. Can we copy Jenkins job from one server to other server? 

A.  Yes, we can do. Below is one way of it. 

• We can copy the Jenkins jobs from one server to other server by copying the corresponding jobs folder. 



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