Database-Management Collecting the data and managing the data known as Database Management. Is the database is and collecting the tables. Schema, reports, queries, views, and other elements. As a database server Microsoft SQL server known as relational Database Management system. It developed by the Microsoft. It can operate by any laptop or system. Through the powered cloud server’s network and between anything. This is expandable product. Related to Microsoft, it is the most used and number 1 database system in the word. Comparing to the other servers it is the best server to use. In any situation it is the most popular Database Management system in the world. In every time these needs are satisfying the hardware and software requirements. These requirements are usually simple.

Database Management Tools:

To help in database administration and programming tasks. The SQL server Database Management Tools helps with number of tools. Some database management tools are using in database. Administration and programming tasks given below. They are

  • .Create & maintain and schedule data backups
  • Maintain & Create databases
  • Create & maintain tables
  • Maintain & Create  users, roles, etc
  • Create & maintain other database objects such as stored procedures, views, etc
  • Replication (ex, create a copy of the database)
  • Optimization tasks

SQL server offers the performance tasks that might needed. These tasks are might needed to performing the tasks.

Server database management:

SQL server is the server/client database management server. It is disagree to access the desktop system. Server/client may be building this server as central server or servers. So many members used to same server to access the server or network. By an application the server may access the database. For example: In different cities, and countries every user can updating the data. By using the browser to corporate the CMR web cloud by using the employees.

SQL Server improvements:

SQL server includes so many improvements than the predecessor. The new tutorials take them in detail in list, but in a nutshell. The improvements in as SQL server has

  • Higher availability:

                It builds or always on in the cloud Witness. Storage Spaces Direct, Availability groups, and work group clusters.

  • Better security:                                                                                                                                                                                                                        It will be anytime secret in Dynamic data masking, and Role level security.
  • More analytics

            R integration and Tabular improvement

  • Improved database engine

              Query Store, Temped improvement, and Stretch Database.

  • Reporting in different improvements

             Custom banding, Search, modern browser optimization, and mobiles etc.

Editions in SQL Server Database management:

In this server includes five editions. They are

  • Web
  • Enterprise
  • Standard
  • Developer
  • Express