Introduction to Data Science 

Data science is also known as data-driven science. It is a combination of a field about scientific methods processes. Systems to extract knowledge or insights from data in various forms, either structured or unstructured. like Knowledge Discovery in Databases
We have Six modules in Data Science those given below……….
 1. Descriptive and Inferential Statistics
 2. Predictive Analytics
 3. Applied Multivariate Analysis
 4. Machine Learning
 5. R Programming
 6. Web Application Development Using R
  • Data Analytics Using R
  • R-Shiny Package – Web Application
  • Practical Assignment Using R Tool
The Data Science Consisting of these six modules.........

Why we have to learn 

The field of data science is changing into one of the fastest growing and most in-demand fields in the world. Organizations across industries are looking to make sense of the data. They can collect from new technologies from predicting the next hot product.
Demand and Opportunity:
According to The New York Times, data science promises to change industries from business to government, health care to academia. As data accumulates, organizations are hiring individuals With the expertise to find meaning in the numbers and drive positive business decisions. It estimated that by 2018, 5 million to 6 million jobs in the United States will must data analysis skills.
Education and Training
Online program for the Master of Science in Data Science trains professionals in the skills. Students In this program will receive hands-on training that prepares them to ask relevant questions. The Program also points out legal concerns. Such as data security and privacy. Students will gain the skills and knowledge to work at educational institutions, compactness
Data Science Training certifies you with in-demand Big Data Technologies
Data Science Training is preparation for the increasing demand for Big Data skills. It empowers professionals with data management technologies. Those are like Hadoop, R, Sqoop, Flume, Machine learning, Mahout Etc. Grab the Top-Paying Data Science Job Title with Big Data Skills and Expertise Big Data and Data Science technologies offering many jobs and pay is good compared to other IT jobs. Big Data and Data Science is not only seen in the IT field but has spread across all the leading industries today.
Data Science Training is Better Career Path
The Data Science Training is better for a career, as we all know that it needs for Data Science Experts is huge in all the leading industries. Well, the need to hear is not only in the leading industries but also in the leading locations of the world.
Data Science Training hired in the Top Fortune Companies
The companies are looking to hire Data Science Experts. Here the top Giants are looking for Data Experts. A Data Science Training is a way to get the expertise
Data Science Training is to occupy new Positions
Approval of Big Data and analytics among larger employers is big and will only get double by 2017. So, employment of Big Data and Data Science experts is going to reach the peak by 2017.