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What is Data Acquisition 

The process of Data acquisition is measure of power/physical sensation such as voltage, current,temp, pressure, or sound with your computer. A DAQ system includes sensors, DAQ dimension hardware,and some type of computer with programmable software.

Data Acquisition 

When realizing term data acquisition is critical to first know very well what is being acquisition,real world data.  And real world data translates into the life sciences. Life technology, or biology, is a discipline of research that has, for hundreds of years, formed viewpoints of experts, doctors, and thinkers as well. Theories and medications have been Create with the study of life knowledge, as offences have solve, and organisms comprehended. The essential way living Organisms interact with each other and their surroundings, how these microorganisms structured how their origin may be, and their basic evolution, is pretty much what the word life technology encapsulates.  Real world data gets manipulated by computer, where its signals and waveforms are prepared. It can extracting critical information and storing it in a pc processed machine. The information gets survey by segments of information obtaining frameworks where sensors change over estimations and electronic flags before your own data and its alerts and waveforms prepared. Critical information is then obtained and stored in a pc Processor, completing the first and second steps of the info acquisition process.After life technology hasconverte to wavelength data, it is document by the data logger. Data logging can be an electronic device that gather data over time. which is collected by one of three means, which include,built in musical instruments and detectors, instruments and sensors. After said data gathered, manipulated, and transformed,useful information highlighted to suggest different types of scientific conclusions.  This process, long, has allowed many growths in clinical understanding and remains on many levels to create further knowledge of microorganisms, and their relationship to the world at large. 


  • Reduced data redundancy
  • Reduced updating errors and increased consistency
  • Greater data integrity and freedom from applications programs
  • Improved data usage of users through use of sponsor and query languages
  • Increased data security
  • Reduced data accessibility, safe-keeping, and retrieval costs
  • Facilitated development of new applications program


  • Databases systems are intricate, difficult, and time-consuming to design
  • Large hardware and software start-up costs
  • Damage to databases affects all applications programs
  • Extensive change costs in moving form a file-based system to a data source system
  • Initial training necessary for all programmers and users