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Brief History of Python Comments

Python is high-level, and dynamic computer programming language. The idea of Python is to emphasize the code readability. Python combines remarkable power with very clear syntax.  It supports various programming paradigms including the object oriented, functional programming, and imperative. Python supports dynamic type and automatic garbage collection for memory management Comments Use Python.

Comments Use Python 

When this program gets bigger and more difficult, it gets difficult to learn and maintain. Thus, it is an excellent practice to place some documentations or records into the code. These records called commentary.

The code only can let you know how it can but cannot let you know why it can so. But comment can do this. The use commentary to describe the formulas, complicated algorithms, and complex business logic. Python comment commences with a hash or pound (#) sign on the finish of the lines. It's important to notice that Python interpreter ignores reviews. when it interprets the code.Python provides three varieties of remarks. It including stop comment, inline comment, and paperwork string Python .

Python block Comments

 The use stop comment to make clear the code that uses it. A stop comment indented at the same level as the code stops. To create a stop comment focus on an individual hash (#) sign followed space and Comments Use Python.

Python inline comments

In case a comment put on a single collection as an affirmation, it named an inline comment. the stop comment inline comment an individual hash (#) signal and area and comment.It recommended an inline comment distinguish from the assertion at least two spots Python.

Python documents string or doc strings

A records string is a literal string. That put as the first affirmation in a function, component, school, or method meaning. Different from comment, records string reached at run-time using the obj.__doc__ feature. where obj is the name of the function, component or school, etc. Records string is also used to create documentation. Paperwork string is also called doc strings Python Python provides two sorts of doc strings: one-line doc strings and multi-line doc strings.

One-line doc strings

One-line doc string ties in commences with triple estimates and ends with triple prices. There shouldn't have an empty range either before or following the one-line doc string.

Multi-line doc strings

As its name suggests, multi-line doc string can course many lines. Exactly like one-line doc string. the type of multi-line doc string is an overview, blank series and descriptions underneath.

Python multiline comments

Python will not support multi line feedback like C/C++ or Java. But there exists nothing to avoid to use multi-line doc strings as multiline responses. That is also described by Guido truck Rossum, the inventor of Python.

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